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23 Jan 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Managed Security Services Market

The Shift to Security Outsourcing is Driving The Market

The global managed security services market continues to grow at a rapid pace. The range of threats that organisations are facing is increasing in complexity. This study provides an analysis of the global managed security services market while also offering an in-depth regional breakdown. The analysis is split into the physical and the IT segments....

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18 Feb 2013  |  Global

2012 Global Safe Cities Market Assessment

Integration of Technologies will Continue to Increase Safety in Cities

This research study, titled 'Global Safe Cities Market Assessment', discusses in detail the market trends, market drivers and restraints, impact of the drivers and restraints. Furthermore the study predicts the future of the European market through a thorough analysis of first responders on the market. The major segments covered by this research st...

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02 Apr 2013  |  Global

Aerospace Supply Chain Overview

Supply Chain Insights and Variations

The aerospace market has one of the more convoluted supply chains. In theory, it is similar to most other supply chains, at least at first glance. In its most basic form, it is composed of the OEMs, the major component providers, and their suppliers. The reality is that the market is far from simple. Companies at all levels of the supply chain supp...

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03 Apr 2013  |  Global

Global Military Training and Simulation Market Assessment

LVC is Key to Overcoming Tactical Challenges, Albeit in the Distant Future

Pressurised defence budgets and changing military priorities are expected to significantly affect the training and simulation market growth. However, this negative impact is mitigated by transitioning economies extending their fleet sizes and the global modernisation trend, comprising mostly new procurements of advanced weapon systems and complex c...

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16 Apr 2013  |  Global

Technological Breakthroughs in Sensors for Threat Detection (Technical Insights)

Innovative Technologies to Detect Threats to Secure the Society

The research service focuses on the breakthrough innovations in the chemical, biological and explosive threat detection technologies. It captures advanced technologies in threat detection and their impact on homeland security and military markets. This research service assesses the advanced threat detection technologies, namely IMS, Raman Spectrosc...

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18 Apr 2013  |  Global

Top Technologies in Microelectronics -- 2013 (Technical Insights)

Technologies Shaping Up The Microelectronics Sector

This research service covers key technology trends in the microelectronics cluster. Technologies that are bound to have high impact in the microelectronics sector in the near-term and medium-term are profiled in the research service. The study captures significance of the technology and its impact on the industry; year of impact; breath of applicat...

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30 Apr 2013  |  Global

Next Generation Processors and Controllers for Consumer Electronics (Technical Insights)

Advanced Mobile Computing Enabled by Next Generation Processors

Processors are the most important component of a computing device. Currently the major computing platform is shifting from desktop to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which possess certain challenges with respect to space and power constraints. This research service assesses the current trends, drivers and challenges in processors fo...

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08 May 2013  |  Global

Assessment of Global First Responder C3i and Emergency Response Market

Interoperability and Technology Needs Drive the First Responder C3i Market

This research services assesses the global first fesponders C3i and emergency response market. The study identifies the key technology needs, trends, and solutions for first responders. The study focuses on global command and control, communications, and intelligence related solutions used by the first responder agencies, which include law enforcem...

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10 Jun 2013  |  Global

Global Military Fixed-wing Aircraft

A Clear Shift to New Markets

The market for fixed-wing aircraft used by the military has been consistently growing in the overall defense market. Since defense budgets are now facing significant turmoil in North America and Europe, the market for fixed-wing aircraft will be under considerable downward pressure. The exits of several key manufacturers and the entries of new man...

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03 Jul 2013  |  Global

Innovations in Multi-material Joining Technologies (Technical Insights)

Nine Dimensional Technology Assessment

The increasing emphasis on lightweight products has led companies to seek alternative for lightweight materials. The focus of organizations is oriented towards joining of materials, as it is turning out to be a challenging task. The automotive industry has shown strong interest in multimaterial joining technologies, as it enables them to reduce fue...

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