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25 Jun 2004  |  Global

World Video Encoding Markets

The world encoding market is defined as the process of turning analog video into a digital media through a combination of software and hardware systems. This market is poised to see healthy growth as the broadcast, cable and satellite world has started embracing digital formats and telcos have seen value in incorporating video to take their triple ...

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Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are software and/or appliance based solutions that enable playback, recording, ingest and delivery to and from removable media, and the ability to ingest directly from a camera for digitized content. They are used in a variety of applications including broadcast space and the networked IPTV environment. Frost & Sulliv...

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11 Apr 2014  |  Global

Technical and Business Trends in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) Market

Hardware Security and Android Disrupt Competitive Landscape; Monetization Remains Elusive

The Internet changed how video is consumed, and then devices changed it all over again. Yet, some aspects remain constantcontent must be guarded from uncontrolled sharing, and it must be monetized. This insight examines key technical and business trends disrupting the Internet video ecosystem today and their impact on the competitive strength of s...

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15 Dec 2014  |  Global

The Global Watermarking and Fingerprinting Markets

Tumult Gives Way to Steady Growth Driven by Growing Monetization and Piracy Tracking Applications

This insight provides an overview of the global digital media watermarking and fingerprinting markets. Watermarking aims to control and monitor piracy by securely and invisibly embedding identifiable information into audio and/or video content. Fingerprinting enables content identification and facilitates content indexing for a variety of automatio...

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22 Sep 2015  |  Global

Trends and Forecasts for the HEVC Video Encoder and Transcoder Market in M&E Applications

Low Penetration and Soaring Growth Rates Make HEVC a Hotbed of Innovation, But also of Uncertainty

This insight provides 5-year forecasts for the sale of professional encoders and transcoders in the M&E ecosystem. Elect vendors are highlighted that stand out in the 2014 to 2015 timeframe on account of a strong value proposition and consequent market leadership. This insight also provides select base year numbers and forecasts for HEVC-enabled de...

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5 Item(s)