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14 Feb 2019  |  Global

Global Small-Satellite Database and Launch Demand, Forecast to 2030

An exhaustive database of launched Small-satellites & interactive outputs including small-satellite forecast until 2030

The space industry is transitioning, especially with growth in the development of small satellites capabilities. New entrants are revolutionizing the space ecosystem, attracting investments from the government and private ventures. Low-cost satellites, with its proven technological and economical capabilities have attracted existing space players t...

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08 May 2013  |  North America

2012 United States Commercial Airline Usage

Perspectives of Traveling Consumers

In this customer research service, Frost & Sullivan measures consumer airline usage in order to define segments and profiles of air traveler types. The aim is to understand user knowledge of frequent flyer programs as well as satisfaction rates with current airline programs. The research also explores airport accessibility and the main methods of t...

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28 Dec 2012  |  Global

Global Force Protection Market Assessment

Upcoming Modernization and New Procurement Programmes to Sustain Revenue

This research service assesses the global force protection market. The market for force protection systems is largely dependent on events. There was an increased demand for force protection systems during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, mostly in the NATO countries. Now, as the Afghanistan operation is nearing an end, the demand for such systems is ...

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20 Apr 2012  |  Global

Military Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Assessment

Europe and Asia to drive market growth in the next ten years

The increased usage of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has become topical but, regardless of the debates related to ethics and accountability, the importance of UAS will continue to strengthen. Though many nations have strong unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aspirations, availability of funds reflects the actual market revenue. This Frost & Sullivan res...

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14 Dec 2012  |  Global

Global C4ISR Market Assessment

Transforming Conventional Battlespace into Digital

The study takes into account all the segments of the C4ISR market and all products under each segment. The methodology used was top-down, starting with defence budget and apportioning expenditures down to the sub-segment level, taking into consideration the spending and capability trends across countries. A detailed analysis of 10 major countries h...

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17 Oct 2012  |  Global

Global Military Land Vehicles Market Assessment

Markets Accelerating in APAC and Middle East

Research was carried out to analyse the Global market for military land vehicles, determine the market trends of the military land vehicles market, market structure, evaluate opportunities for vehicle suppliers and provide strategic recommendations and conclusions. A total of 98 countries, which represent more than 95% of the global defence budget ...

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30 Mar 2011  |  Europe

The Middle East Military Air Market - Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping

The Middle East Military Air Market - Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping

This study covers the state of the Middle East Military Air Market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, challenges, technology, legislation, demand and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segments are forecasted. In addition,analysis of the competitive situation is performed, along with detaile...

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03 May 2012  |  Global

Global Soldier Modernisation Market Assessment

Troop reduction and austerity measures to delay modernisation efforts

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Global soldier modernisation market assessment provides a detailed strategic forecast of key markets in addition to analysis of current and future trends. In addition to analysing soldier modernisation programmes globally, the research also covers market value and volume of these initiatives, market lea...

USD 10,000.00
16 Oct 2012  |  North America

2012 Physical Security in Financial Services in the United States

The Present and the Future of the Physical Security Technologies in Financial Services

This customer research measures the physical security demand as perceived among facility/security managers within the financial services industry in the United States. A Web-based survey methodology was utilized. The fieldwork was conducted during July of 2012. The sample consisted of managers (n=100) responsible for physical security in financial ...

USD 10,000.00

This research service provides the market strategy analysis for China's airport airside market. The topics covered include company profile, competitive structure, drivers, market metrics, market share, market trends, restraints, revenues, strategy, and technology trends. Major domestic airport airside stakeholders are profiled in this research serv...

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