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01 Sep 2009  |  Africa

Middle East Business Jets Market Assessment


The potential for the business jets market in the Middle East is huge. This region accounts for 3 per cent of the global HNWI. It is estimated that there are about 0.25 million HNWI in the Middle East. These HNWI are the potential end users for the business jets market.

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The Middle East Airports Infrastructure market has been able to offset the impact of the global economic slowdown and progress with expansion plans as a result of the strong growth of the Middle East commercial aviation industry.

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M014 is a collection of profiling of MRO market participants featured in RS B794.

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19 Jun 2006  |  Africa

African Airframe and Engine MRO Markets


This research initiative aims to identify the drivers, restraints and challenges faced by maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers in Africa, whilst analysing the characteristics of the end-users (airlines) in the region. It also provides a market revenue forecast over a 6 year period up to 2012 based on these drivers, restraints and chall...

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03 May 2013  |  Africa

The Middle East and Africa Defence Market Assessment

Transforming Forces in Emerging Markets

The Middle East and Africa Defence Market Assessment study takes into account all the major segments of the defence marketair, land, naval, C4ISR, support in service, and training and simulation; and all products under each segment. The methodology used is a combination of bottom-up and top-down. Bottom-up approach is used to present programme lev...

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07 Dec 2020  |  Africa

Network Diversification and Fleet Optimization Power the Commercial Aerospace Market in Africa, 2020

Strategic Partnering and Network Expansion are Top Growth Strategies for Pandemic-hit Airlines

Over the last decade, Africa, along with the Asia-Pacific, has grown the fastest in terms of GDP and had an average annual growth rate of 6% or more. Still, most of the countries in the continent have to significantly improve their political stability and public infrastructure to attract new investments and properly integrate themselves with furthe...

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01 Feb 2012  |  Africa

Economic 360 for South Africa: Growth Prospects and Emerging Opportunities in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Economic Policy, Recovery and Growth Influencing the South African Aerospace and Defense Industry

South Africa is a democratic republic with a stable political system. The economic environment is forecast to remain stable, with policy focus on employment creation through growth and stability. The country has a long-established aerospace and defense industry with large international contracts driving local manufacturing. The aerospace industry h...

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