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31 Dec 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Malaysian Commercial MRO Market, 2018

Malaysian Commercial MRO Market, the 2nd Largest in Southeast Asia, Hovered at the Billion-dollar Mark in 2018

This study aims to evaluate commercial aircraft fleet and MRO market in Malaysia consisting of current fleet in 2018, segmented on multiple criteria, furthermore focusing on the market trends, technology Mega Trends, and opportunity areas. Among all the Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia is the second largest MRO spender in terms of MRO market size....

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19 Dec 2017  |  Asia Pacific

Digital Transformation of Critical Communications for Public Safety in Australia, Forecast to 2022

Move towards LTE and the Leverage of 5G and IoT to Drive the Digital Transition

Meeting the interoperability and technological needs of first responders, the securitisation of data and network, the emergence of digital trends (5G, IoT, cloud, big data), meeting public expectations and heightened public safety issues (natural disasters and catastrophic incidents) are driving growth in critical communication solutions expenditur...

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06 Sep 2016  |  Asia Pacific

China Security Market Insight

Infrastructure Development and a High Threat Environment Driving Security Technology Investment

China represents a key growth market for security technology developers. With its healthy economic position, focus on large-scale infrastructure investment plans, and growing population, the nation offers international technology suppliers a range of opportunities for the deployment of security solutions. However, intense competition from increasin...

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02 Mar 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Military Training and Simulation Market, Forecast to 2023

Combat Readiness and Modernization Demands Expand Opportunities, Air Simulation Training Offers Strong Growth Potential

This Asia-Pacific military training and simulation market insight is a partial extraction from MAF8-16, the Global Military Training and Simulation Market report, with the addition of several insights unique to Asia and other identified market participants from the Asian region. This insight covers 4 training simulation segments: air, land, naval, ...

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22 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Commercial Aviation in APAC

A Future Aerospace Region Giant on the Rise

During the last decade, APAC has been the most dynamic region with regard to air traffic. As a result, the region has witnessed the highest aircraft demand globally and a strong development of new infrastructure to cope with increasing traffic. The countries in this region realise that investment in this industrial sector is profitable. Thus, they ...

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13 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Russian Security Market

Developing Local Partnerships is Paramount to Success

This market insight discusses the current security situation in Russia. The risks and threats are examined; the measures being taken by the Russian Government to counter the same are identified (for example, The National Security Strategy). Infrastructure developments are also discussed (including rail, power, ports and airports). The market insigh...

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12 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Chinese Airports Market Development

An Insight into China's Rapidly Developing Airport Industry

With the rapidly developing economy and increased standard of living, China's airport industry is expected to undergo rapid developmental growth. By the end of 2011, there were 180 airports in China for civil use, an increase of five airports from 2010. With the ever increasing need to develop its air travel infrastructure to meet the country's dem...

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04 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing Market

Companies with Local Manufacturing Capabilities Will Witness Increased Acceptance and Success

The Chinese market is being consolidated into AVIC and COMAC. AVIC is a market leader in Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing. And unlike the ARJ21 development, China is coordinating its efforts for C919 development. With these developments, licensed production, and growing domestic demand, the Chinese aerospace manufacturing market is expected to grow ...

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This market insight is particularly structured for the companies looking to operate their services in Indian tier-II and tier-III destinations. This insight analyzes the current market trends, future prospects and regional airline market opportunities in India. It also analyzes the Indian current regional fleet and provide forecast on the regional ...

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11 Apr 2012  |  Asia Pacific

China Market Opportunities in Air Traffic Management

Infrastructure Investments Drive ATM Growth in China

With China becoming the worlds fastest growing market for air traffic management (ATM) equipment, this deliverable showcases The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China's ambitious plans to build a comprehensive communication, surveillance and information system in the country. China is ready to build 56 more airports during the next fiv...

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