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This research service provides the market assessment of Asia Pacific Airside Services, for airport expansion and development. The topics covered includes market overview, market drivers, market metrics, market trends, restraints, revenues, and key success factors. The research covers the dynamics, trends and forecasts of different segments within t...

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Infrastructure security at oil and gas installations is gaining importance in the wake of increased terrorism threats and thefts. The Asia Pacific oil & gas infrastructure security market has been steadily growing at the rate of 4 percent from the start of the decade. Frost & Sullivan expects the market to grow at the rate of 5.86 per cent from 2...

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12 Aug 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Indian Commercial Aviation MRO Market Assessment


The study aims to capture the market potential of commercial MRO in India. The MRO market has been estimated based on the current number of aircraft in the country and the number of aircraft expected to be added in the next 7 years. The maintenance cycle for different type of aircraft currently present and expected has been developed, revenue poten...

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30 Jun 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Very Light Jets Market Assessment - Asia Pacific


The research service focusses on the Very Light Jets market in APAC. The research service also focusses on the key manufacturers and their market share. The drivers and restraints have also been discussed in detailed. The forecast has been given in terms of revenue split up and the unit shipment.

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16 Jun 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Maritime Security Market Assessment


Maritime operations have historically been one of the most important types of operation in the Asia Pacific region and this is unlikely to change in the next decade. It is reasonable to assume a majority of military planning, training, and operations undertaken by the military forces in the region would involve a sizeable amount of maritime element...

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BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) refers to the fast growing developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The concept came into existence by 2001 with a combined target of achieving excellence by 2050. With the rapid development in the economies of these four countries it is estimated that the combined economies of these four coun...

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27 May 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of Indian Air Cargo Market


To analyse the Indian Air Cargo market, both domestic and international. This research service includes the air cargo traffic trends across categories, airports & regions, competitive scenario & dynamics, market forecasts (2008 to 2013) and final recommendations on attractiveness of this market.

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To analyse the Indian airport infrastructure market and identify the investment opportunities in the market and develop a broad understanding of the processes involved in order to provide an outline of potential entry strategies. It includes current airport traffic trends and projected airport capacity requirements, airport financing models and fun...

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15 Apr 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Commercial Rotary Aircraft MRO Markets


This research service provides market analysis for the Asia Pacific commercial rotary aircraft MRO market paying a particular focus on line maintenance, heavy maintenance and engine. The research gives an overview of the market over a period between 2004 - 2014 with revenue forecasts on total market and by each segment.

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This research service provides strategic industry analysis of the dynamics of commercial aviation suppliers in China. The analyses include identification of industry challenges, market drivers and restraints and key industrial influences that are affecting the commercial aviation market in China. Market coverage includes aviation manufacturing, avi...

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