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11 Jan 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Global Market for Dual Clutch Transmission Technology in Passenger Vehicles

Europe and China to Propel Global DCT Volumes

OEMs and suppliers are constantly driven to innovate and improve technologies to adhere to stringent emission norms and meet dynamic customer demands. In the quest for improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance that advancements in transmission technologies can provide, global stakeholders expect DCTs to play a defining role in the global tr...

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: This research service covers in detail the Steering Systems markets in Europe and North America and it analyses the reasons for application of different steering technologies by OEMs in the two continents while outlining opportunities for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

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This study focuses on various weight reduction concepts and strategies followed by the OEMs. Geographical Scope: Global  North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Market Forecast: The study period will be from 2002  2015. 2008 is the base year and 2009  2015 is the forecast period System Definition: Powertrain  Engine (including starter/altern...

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20 Dec 2019  |  North America

In-Car Marketplace—Use Cases and Transactions

About $17.30 Billion of Vehicle Related Purchases and Personal Consumer Spending will be Allocated to Cars through Integrated Marketplace Applications by 2025

This study of marketplace operations inside cars is an introduction of a new business model that places merchants and their products such as fuel, quick service restaurants (QSR), parking, toll payment, ticketing and their services such as reserving, ordering, picking-up and paying from the vehicle head unit or aided by virtual assistants into the ...

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29 Jun 2012  |  North America

2020 Vision of the Global Automotive Industry

Megatrends, Platform Standardisation, New-mobility Model to Change the Global Automotive Industry

This study looks at the global automotive industry in 2020 and focuses on various trends like electric vehicles, car sharing, mobility integration, micro-mobility and microcars, and their production and sales. It also explores new businesses and technological opportunities in the field of mobility by 2020. The study analyses the key global megatren...

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29 Dec 2011  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of European and North American Automotive Human Machine Interface Market

Voice Control Interface, Steering Wheel Controls, and Multifunctional Knobs

This study strategically analyzes the European and North American market for Automotive Human Machine Interface. Key market drivers, restraints, market trends and technology trends are discussed. The study discusses market revenue and unit forecasts with pricing analysis of the HMI Interfaces including Voice Control Interface and Multifunctional Kn...

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08 May 2012  |  North America

Strategic Insight on Global Rail Market

Trends and Opportunities across Key Regions for Rail

The study is a 360 degree analysis of the global rail market that focuses on the key trends and business opportunities available across various rail segments around the world. The study provides an insight into how urbanization is influencing rail travel and highlights trends within the rail industry that are expected to possess huge revenue potent...

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A cloud of gloom hovers over the global automotive market with plummeting vehicle sales and tightening credit conditions, with the situation proving to be one of the most difficult times for the automotive Industry. As the industry copes with job and production cuts to trim over capacity, business planners within each automaker are working hard to ...

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This study analyses the global trends in transmission technologies highlighting the regional differences and customer preferences. This study also encompasses OEM profiles and their technology roadmaps for the next 6 years apart from detailing their technology portfolio. This study also contains the other typical measurements such as market shares,...

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