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20 Sep 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Automotive Market in Vietnam

Positive Government Policies and Increasing Disposable Incomes to Drive Market Growth

Rising levels of disposable income and new government policies are set to drive automotive market in Vietnam. This market insight research service analyzes trends in Vietnams emerging automotive market. It provides market drivers and restraints, a market overview, an engine capacity analyst, trends in vehicle segments, a market performance analysi...

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17 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of ASEAN Automotive Outlook

ASEAN to Emerge as a Key Global Automotive Market and Production Hub by 2019

This research service aims to research, analyze, and forecast the trends in the key ASEAN automotive markets of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It offers insight into the macroeconomic indicators, GDP and population trends, production and sales trends, forecasts, and top brands in ASEAN. It offers an analysis of each country, in terms of macroec...

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11 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

2020 Vision of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Headed Toward Consolidation in the Future

This research service presents the 2020 vision for the automotive aftermarket in Australia. This market is expected to exhibit a steady CAGR during 2012–2020 driven by increased demand for accessories. The market is expected to become consolidated in the future as scale becomes a key factor for profitability. This research service is a compilatio...

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04 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of  Russian Medium- and Heavy-duty Commercial Truck Market

Foreign Nameplates to Account for More than Half of Trucks in 2019

The Russian commercial vehicle market is set to have penetration of foreign original equipment manufacturers due to changing customer preferences, stricter emission regulations, and advanced technologies. Additionally, the growing infrastructure and urbanisation provides the necessary platform for growth. The study captures the key emerging trends ...

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02 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

CEO 360 Degree Perspective of the Automotive Industry in Myanmar

Dominated by Used Vehicles, Market is Expected to Witness Increase in New Vehicle Sales Post 2014

The Myanmar automotive industry is in the nascent stage of development dominated by used vehicles. This study focuses on the development of automotive market in Myanmar from 2012 to 2019. The Myanmar market for new vehicles is expected to take off post 2014 driven by economic development, rising incomes and infrastructure development. The study is ...

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03 May 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Russian Light Vehicle Dealership Market

Dealers are Focusing on Extending Their Businesses in Different Regions

This research service provides an analysis of the dealership market in Russia. The research service presents a brief overview of the Russian light vehicle market, OEMs' marketing expenditure, the credit, repair and maintenance market. This research service highlights the trends in the dealership sector and forecasts dealership market revenue upto 2...

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23 Apr 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market in Japan

Affordable Systems Targeted at Small and Mini Segments are Driving the Market

This research service presents an analysis of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) market in Japan. The market is in the growth phase of development and is expected to see considerable market expansion in future. This research service includes secondary and primary research data from original equipment suppliers, regulation authorities, an...

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15 Apr 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Chinese Electric Vehicle Market

China Likely Among the Top Three Regions for Electric Vehicles by 2020

This research service discusses current and future potential of the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) industry. It provides a strategic overview of the Chinese EV market, including key technology trends, market drivers, and restraints for EVs and relevant charging infrastructure. Market size and forecasts of the EV market by OEM, model, and segment, as...

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28 Mar 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Growth Opportunities of Navigation Systems Market in ASEAN

Aftermarket to Remain the Dominant Segment of Navigation Systems Market

This research service discusses the strategic growth opportunities of navigation systems market in ASEAN with focus on the three key ASEAN automotive markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It includes an executive summary, details of the navigation systems market in ASEAN and an overview of the market in each of these countries. This include...

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