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18 Aug 2021  |  North America

North American Class 1–3 Replacement Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors Aftermarket, Category Management

Competitive Prices and the Advantage of Higher Vehicle Coverage are Driving the Future Growth Potential for Programmable TPMS Sensors

This report covers the class 1–3 vehicle TPMS aftermarket demand. The overall market has been divided by sensor type into direct-fit, pre-programmed, and programmable sensors. The study discusses unit shipments, revenue, average price, distribution channel share, and major participants for all the TPMS aftermarket sensor types. The base year for ...

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17 Aug 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Thailand Automotive Outlook, 2021

Thailand Accounted for the Highest Automotive Sales in ASEAN in 2020. Chinese OEMs are Focused on Geographic Expansion and Competitive Intensity in the Country

Thailands TIV dropped by 21.4% in 2020 when compared to 2019. Sales is projected to increase by 8.7% (YoY growth rate) in 2021 to 861,000 units. The commercial vehicle (CV) segment continues to dominate with a 56.6% share, and it is projected to reach 57.3% in 2021, driven by government stimulus measures in response to the pandemic. Diesel powertra...

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16 Aug 2021  |  

North American Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles Replacement Filters Aftermarket, Category Management

Customer and Branding Strategies will be Key Differentiating Factors for Filter Suppliers and Open Up Growth Opportunities

Frost & Sullivan's research service on the class 4–8 filters aftermarket in North America forecasts market size till 2027. The base year is 2020, and the study period is 2017 to 2027. The study analyzes key Medium-duty (MD) and Heavy-duty (HD) truck filter replacement trends in the aftermarket. The filters covered in this study are oil, fuel, air...

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16 Aug 2021  |  Europe

Digitalization of Car Retail & Aftersales, 2021

Quantitative Analysis on the Interest Level in Digital Retail and Aftersales and Impact of Covid-19 on the Customer Journey in Europe and GCC Regions

As more digitally native customers look to purchase a vehicle, industry players are ramping up digital enhancements in the customer journey relating to the purchase of new and used cars or in aftersales services. COVID-19-induced social distancing norms are changing business as usual, acting as an accelerator for more dealerships, OEMs, and traders...

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10 Aug 2021  |  Europe

Germany Light Vehicle Leasing Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Investment in Digital Infrastructure and Flexible Leasing Options

Companies view vehicle leasing as a solution to the growing number of challenges they face in their mobility needs. These include challenges associated with vehicle funding, fleet maintenance, and, more importantly, residual risk handling. Businesses focus on their core products or services and seek to outsource support activities. Mobility is a si...

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10 Aug 2021  |  Asia Pacific

China’s Electric Two-wheeler Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential of Electric Two-wheeler Mopeds and Motorcycles

Chinas two-wheeler market is highly mature, comprising domestic production, domestic sales, and import and export activities. China is also a major producer of two-wheelers in the world. In 2020, China produced 113.1 million units of two-wheelers. Of these, exports accounted for the largest proportion, 59.2%; while domestic sales accounted for 40.8...

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10 Aug 2021  |  Global

Strategic Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Global Automotive Industry

At Least 140 Start-ups that Offer Disruptive Technology Hold Future M&A Potential in the Automotive Ecosystem

The global automotive industry is undergoing a massive shift toward electric vehicles (EVs), and strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&As) will help companies leverage this shift and drive growth. Legacy automakers and component manufacturers are constantly scouting for suitable parties to synergize their capabilities and keep pace with the evolvin...

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19 Aug 2021  |  Global

Theme II: Sustainable Business Models for Vehicle Connectivity—Voice of Industry Thought Leaders

Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

Seamless software upgrades and new monetization streams are only some aspects of the larger idea of vehicle connectivity. As importantly, vehicle connectivity will allow stakeholders the prospect of better understanding their customer, offering them unparalleled, personalized experiences and, in a virtuous cycle, creating clear value propositions t...

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06 Aug 2021  |  Global

US Vehicle Subscriptions—Voice of Customer Analysis, 2020

Currently, the Market Potential for Used-car Subscription in the US Ranges from 400,000 to Approximately 1 Million Units, and 10% of All New Vehicles Retailed in 2025 are Expected to Be Offered Under the Vehicle Subscription Business Model

Globally, the US continues to be the leading market to test and launch vehicle subscription offers. Frost & Sullivan estimates about 32 vehicle subscription programs in the US at various stages of life cycle in 2018, and it is expected to witness more than 50 programs by 2025. Frost & Sullivan carried out more than 2000 interviews among potential c...

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05 Aug 2021  |  North America

Global L2+ Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Growth Opportunities

Competitive Intensity Set to Propel the Global L2+ ADAS Market

The automotive industry value chain is transitioning from its traditional pyramidal form to one that is flat. Technology companies work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tiered suppliers to develop, validate, supply, and integrate advanced driver-assist technologies to enhance the comfort and convenience of the driver in the vehicle....

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