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11 Aug 2016  |  Africa

Strategic Water Infrastructure Projects in Southern Africa

Associated Investment and Service Delivery Opportunities

Water scarcity is hindering the future of Africa, as water plays a crucial role in most of the operations in the continent. A number of Southern African countries are experiencing extreme climatic conditions such as floods and drought in the same year, making it difficult for planning future investments in the sector. Therefore, the need for carefu...

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18 Jan 2016  |  Africa

Emerging Market Growth—Executive Insights on Nigeria and Kenya: Changing Business Environment and Emerging Opportunities

Africa Rising: Policies, Trends, and Business Conditions Shaping Growth Opportunities in Africa

Frost & Sullivan experts get together to present an executive briefing on the new wave of emerging markets with a special focus on Nigeria and Kenya. Africa is expected to remain among the fastest-growing regions globally and local content policies (LCPs) appear to be increasingly shaping industry. Nigeria has implemented LCPs across oil and gas, a...

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2 Item(s)