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29 Aug 2019  |  Europe

Turkish Electricity Market, Forecast to 2030

Demand for Power and Market Liberalization will Drive Power Investment in the Next Decade

This energy profile provides a detailed insight into the energy sector of Turkey in the current scenario and also presents an energy forecast between the years 2018 to 2030. The global energy sector has seen a drastic transformation in recent years and with the advancement of new technologies and energy systems, it is moving towards creating a re...

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16 May 2018  |  Europe

European Financing in Cleantech Innovation

Understanding Public Financing Options in Cleantech Innovation

This study provides an analytical overview of public financing instruments available for innovative cleantech start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Europe. Many of these instruments operate under the theme of Horizon 2020, the largest European research and innovation programme with a total funding capacity of €80 Billion...

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02 Apr 2018  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Czech Republic

€6.15 Billion to be Invested in New Power Capacity by 2030 as the Country Gradually Moves Away from Coal

The Czech Republic sits at the heart of the European energy network, with connections to Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia. The country invested heavily in upgrading existing coal plants in the 1990s and this, along with its 6 nuclear reactors, means that it is a significant regional exporter of electricity. Coal will continue to play an impor...

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27 Mar 2018  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Slovakia

A Combination of Well-targeted Policies and the Well-planned EU Funds Together with Private Investments will Ensure Energy Security in Slovakia

Slovakia sits at the heart of the European energy network, with connections to Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Slovakia generates 71.4% of its electricity from nuclear and hydropower. With the new nuclear units under construction, export potential is likely to exist, but this is expected in the long-term. Slovakia’s hydropower c...

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09 Jan 2018  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Finland

Whether to Pursue a New Nuclear Reactor will be the Defining Decision for Finland’s Energy Future

Finland is a net importer of electricity. Most of its imports originate from Russia, but it plans to build additional nuclear power plants to decrease this dependency. The share of nuclear power in electricity generation will increase when the new Olkiluoto 3 EPR nuclear power plant becomes operational in 2018 (assuming there are no final delays). ...

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10 Nov 2017  |  Europe

Overview Of UK Balancing Services Market and the Potential for Battery Energy Storage

Understanding the New Opportunities in the UK's Electricity Market

This Frost & Sullivan insight provides a neat overview of the UK’s balancing services, with an astute focus on battery energy storage technology. This insight comprises analysis of the markets that are relevant to it. To begin with, an optimal balance between supply and demand is critical for any electricity grid to function at peak performance. ...

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15 Sep 2017  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Denmark

€10 Billion of Investment in Renewables will See Denmark 90% Fossil Free by 2030

The increase in electricity generation from renewables is expected to come primarily from the expansion of wind power and conversion of power plants to substitute wooden pellets as a primary fuel. In 2015, the share of fossil fuels in electricity generated was 33%; Frost & Sullivan forecasts this to be 8% by 2030. Wind power accounted for 41.5% of ...

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14 Sep 2017  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Norway

Electrification of Transport will Drive New Investment in Renewable Energy, Forecast to be €5.90 Billion during 2015–2030

Norway is already almost entirely powered by renewable energy, with hydro traditionally dominating. The investment of €5.90 billion in a combination of wind, hydro, and other renewable energy will boost the share of RES in the electricity generation mix to 99% by 2030. Increasing interconnections will lead to greater integration of Nordpool (The ...

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22 Aug 2017  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—Romania

More than €22 Billion to be Invested in New Generating Assets by 2030, Supported by Further Investment in Grid Improvements and Interconnections

A total of €21.8 billion will be invested between 2015 and 2030 on new power generation capacity in Romania. Nuclear accounts for the largest portion, but there is also investment in gas, hydro, and renewables. At the same time, a number of aging assets will be retired, not only in generation, but also in transmission and distribution. New grid i...

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16 Aug 2017  |  Europe

Electricity Industry Profiles—The United Kingdom

Significant Investment Opportunities as the UK Seeks to Transform and Decarbonise its Energy System

In 2015, electricity demand was primarily supplied through renewable energy, nuclear, and gas, accounting a combined total of 76% of the electricity generated. This indicates two things. First, renewable generation share in the market is increasing and is expected to form a major portion of the generation mix in the coming years. Second, nuclear an...

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