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13 Feb 2013  |  Africa

Southern African High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Market

 Will the Market Continue to be Uncertain?

The high voltage transmission and distribution market in Southern Africa is fraught with uncertainty. In order for the region to grow, a stable supply of electricity is required. Generation capacity can only be increased if there is stable transmission and distribution infrastructure in place. This research service offers a comprehensive analysis o...

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03 Jul 2013  |  Africa

Investment Plans for Power Utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Increased Investment in Power Networks to Boost Economic Growth Potential

This study highlights targets and projects that are being planned and implemented by key power utilities in five Sub-Saharan African countries, namely, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. The research service also discusses the key challenges faced by the industry in each country with respect to increasing capacity and electricity tariffs, ...

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11 Feb 2013  |  Africa

The Future of Namibia and Energy

Mining and Anticipated Oil and Gas Discoveries could Catalyse Industry and Economic Development

The energy sector in Namibia is dominated by liquid fuel usage, imported electricity and local wood fuel supplies. Namibia's economic growth potential lies in the development of its mines and the discovery of oil and gas. This research service gives a comprehensive analysis of the current energy situation in Namibia as well as the country's future ...

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31 Jan 2013  |  Africa

2012 Updated Overview of Mozambique's Electricity Industry

The Coal and Gas Rush in Mozambique Will Increase the Electricity Demand in the Country

The Mozambican electricity demand is set to grow rapidly. This is due to large natural gas finds and the exportation of coal in 2012. Mozambique's GDP is expected to grow at close to 8.0 percent till 2017. Transmission and distribution infrastructure is the greatest restraint in the electricity industry and a new 'Transmission Backbone' is needed t...

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12 Nov 2013  |  Africa

Energy Efficiency and Large South African Commercial Businesses

Quick Wins where High Electricity Tariffs can Negatively Affect Profit Margins

The research service highlights energy efficiency in the South African commercial sector, with a focus on large commercial businesses. The research service discusses the major drivers as well as major restraints the commercial sector faces when implementing energy efficiency projects. The study also outlines potential energy savings as well as curr...

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15 May 2012  |  Africa

How Can South Africa Implement Smart Grids? International Best Practice and Case Studies

Key Lessons Learned and Adoption Strategies

The South African electricity market is strained. The implementation of smart grids will help alleviate many of the problems the country is facing. This research service gives a comprehensive analysis of international best practice and case studies of smart grid projects that have been implemented, and tells how South Africa can learn from them. Th...

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27 Jul 2012  |  Africa

Strategic Implications of Shale Gas Development in South African Power Generation Sector

Benefits and Dangers of the Fracking Saga in the Karoo

This research service provides a strategic analysis of the implications of shale gas development in South Africa. The research service explores the market drivers, restraints, and challenges from a cost benefit perspective pertaining to both the environment and the economy. Key focus is based on implications of shale gas in South Africa's power gen...

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06 Sep 2012  |  Africa

Strategic Overview of the Egyptian Electricity Industry

Massive Investments in Gas and Wind Power Infrastructure to Sustain Strong Electricity Demand Growth

Electricity demand in Egypt has been growing steadily over the years underpinned by sustained population growth, continuing urbanisation, and improving socio-economic developments. Yet the pace at which new power supply came on stream has been lagging behind (peak) demand growth. Some relief occurred from 2010 onwards thanks to newly-built power ge...

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04 Dec 2012  |  Africa

State of the South African Electricity Industry 2011

Substantial Generation Capacity Growth and Diversification Planned to Meet Rising Demand

The research service investigates the development of the South African electricity market through the course of 2011. The study analyses changes in policy that are set to regulate the development of the market as a whole. Furthermore, future growth in generation technologies is analysed, and the potential relative impact the future generation mix d...

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12 Nov 2012  |  Africa

African Electricity Pricing Analysis

Balancing Cost-reflective Tariffs and Government Intervention for Affordable Electricity Provision

The aim of this study is to track changes in electricity pricing in the selected African countries and quantify the expected changes over time. The selected countries are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Egypt. The study provides a database with elec...

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