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13 Dec 2018  |  Africa

Healthcare Regulatory Environment in Nigeria and Ghana, 2018

Unlocking Investment Potential and Improving Healthcare Delivery and Access through Policy Advancement

The West African region has a handful of emerging economies within Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of overall development and growth. The region currently has a high number of people living in extreme poverty, particularly in Nigeria, as well as a high population density. Furthermore, there has been a growing trend of non-communicable diseases, such as...

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30 Nov 2018  |  Europe

The Future of Patient Engagement 2.0 in Europe, 2018

There is Something for Everyone—Growth Opportunities for Stakeholders Across the Healthcare Ecosystem in Europe

Healthcare today is not about just going to the doctor at the time of illness or on regular appointments to check the overall disease progression. It is shifting to a more proactive rather than reactive approach with patients being more aware and willing to be involved in their own health. The traditional culture of healthcare and how people engage...

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21 Nov 2018  |  North America

PCHA and Partners HealthCare Connected Health Conference, 2018

Top Digital Health Takeaways and Analyst Perspectives

The CHC18 marked the tenth year of this event that is now co-produced by the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a HIMSS organization, and Partners HealthCare of Boston. This event has grown from the 1st edition that attracted 750 attendees to this latest edition that included 300 speakers. We were told, unofficially, that the attendance fo...

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12 Nov 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Singapore Clinical Laboratories Market, Forecast to 2021

Laboratory Automation is Driving the Growth of the Clinical Laboratories Market in the Country

Healthcare expenditure in Singapore is expected to grow, fueled by factors such as rising incomes and a progressively aging population. Diagnostics has emerged as a way for earlier and better identification of diseases to control rising healthcare costs in Singapore. Hence, the country has become a natural choice for many global diagnostic companie...

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08 Nov 2018  |  North America

US Population Health Management Market, Forecast to 2022

How PHM 2.0 Symbolizes Precision Health

Frost & Sullivan announces exciting new research from its Transformational Health program touching on some of the most important issues in healthcare now and in the future. This Frost & Sullivan research service presents a comprehensive analysis of the market potential and dynamics of the population health management (PHM) market in the United S...

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30 Oct 2018  |  Africa

Healthcare Regulatory Environment in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, 2018

Unlocking Investment Potential and Improving Healthcare Delivery and Access through Policy Advancement

The East African region boasts of a number of emerging leaders within Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of overall development and growth. On one hand, the region has one of the highest burdens of disease in the world, such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. On the other hand, there has been a growing trend of non-communicable diseases, such as cancers a...

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30 Oct 2018  |  Europe

Regulatory Trends in German Bone Mineral Density Solutions, 2017

Regulatory Process for Product Registration, Technical File Documentation and Europe’s Proposed New Regulations on Medical Devices

A Frost & Sullivan perspective of the German Bone Mineral Density Solutions and Regulatory Trends has been covered in this research, which highlights on: • Product Registration & CE Approval Process in Germany • Regulatory Requirements for Product Registration for DEXA-BMD device in Germany • Phantom Testing – Calibrations and Quali...

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22 Oct 2018  |  North America

Global Life Sciences Instrumentation and Research Tools Market, Forecast to 2023

Digitalization and M&As to Transform the Current Competitive Structure of the Industry

The global life sciences instrumentation and research tools market is currently going through a transformation driven by ongoing market consolidation and technological innovation. Over the past five years, the industry has witnessed more than 50 mergers and acquisitions (M&A), which have resulted in a market consolidation at the top. Most of these ...

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05 Oct 2018  |  North America

US Point-of-Care Testing Infectious Disease Market, Forecast to 2022

CLIA Waived Molecular POCT, Coupled with Upcoming Diseases Like Sepsis, Lyme Disease, New Strains of Influenza—H1, H3, and H7, will Drive Growth

Management of infectious diseases remains a critical challenge for public health professionals who face increasing demand to control the spread of existing and novel diseases. To provide appropriate healthcare assistance, it is imperative to diagnose the exact form of infection from an array of complicated symptoms expressed by the host. As the out...

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19 Sep 2018  |  North America

Global Biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Market, Forecast to 2022

Investments in Single Use/Disposable Technologies to Capitalize on Growth Opportunities in High-value Low-volume Biologics

The global pharmaceutical industry is evolving with the rising need for novel therapies in the changing disease landscape. As a result of rising prevalence of chronic infectious diseases as well as growing cancer incidence, market needs are shifting from traditional small molecules to large molecules. This study presents an overview of the global b...

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