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17 Jan 2022  |  Global

Global Advances in Omics Technologies Enable Future Drug Discovery and Growth Opportunities

Emerging Omics Platforms Drive Precision Drug Discovery

For a long time, drug discovery followed the same path and used conventional analysis methods for proposed targets. Today, changes in technology and the ability to study omics are transforming drug development. Personalized therapy is on the rise and promises to be more effective and efficient in addressing challenges. With growing interest in ...

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06 Jan 2022  |  Global

Global Diabetes Devices and Services Growth Opportunities

Growth Strategies in an Increasingly Competitive and Digitalized Environment

The diabetes industry offers significant growth opportunities, given the rising prevalence of this disease condition. However, the devices space comprising self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG, or glucometer), continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), insulin pens, and insulin pumps are facing unprecedented threats and challenges, some of which are def...

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03 Jan 2022  |  Global

AI Augmentation in Molecular Diagnostics

AI Applications to improve predictive, diagnostic, and prognostic value of molecular diagnostics

This Frost & Sullivan research service discusses advances in AI integration in Molecular Diagnostics, highlights key advantages of incorporating AI in the diagnostics workflow and roadblocks that have prevented it from becoming mainstream. While AI is widely used in radiology- and pathology-based diagnostics, its adoption is gradually increasing in...

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The latest issue of Advanced MedTech Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. The issue includes digital health innovations such as digital biomarkers for advanced diagnosis and treatment decisions, AI-based diagnosis and monitoring devices, AI-based digital path...

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21 Dec 2021  |  Global

Digital Therapy Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities

Technology Convergence to Improve Patient Healthcare Outcomes

This research service provides an understanding of the significance and impact of digital therapeutics on the emerging applications. Digital therapeutics is evidence-based therapeutic intervention for prevention, management, and treatment of a specific disease condition; it has the potential to address needs that traditional treatments and therapie...

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This edition of the Life Science, Health & Wellness Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) presents growth opportunities in microbiome therapeutics, AI-enabled diagnostics, advanced wound healing, DNA storage, single cell analysis, and multi-omics platforms. The Life Science, Health & Wellness TOE will feature disruptive technology advances in the ...

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16 Dec 2021  |  Global

Emerging Technology Innovations and Growth Opportunities Enabling the Self-Monitoring of Health: The Way to Healthcare Consumerism

Disruptive Self-Disease Management Platforms Are Enabling Better Clinical Outcomes in Chronic Illnesses.

Self-health monitoring products and technologies boost consumer awareness of their health and help them to monitor it, avail timely medical help, and lead a high-quality life. Tools such as wearables, body patches, smartphone applications, lateral flow assays, and other peripheral devices are used to diagnose acute conditions, help patients reach t...

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13 Dec 2021  |  Global

Technology Enablers Facilitating Microbiome Adoption in Research and Development

Advancements in Analytical Methods and Digital Tools Fuel Growth Opportunities in Microbiome Research and Product Development

Microbiome research is on the rise following technological advancements and significant cost reductions in microbiome analysis. Research has unlocked the potential of microbiome in medical use cases, yielding tremendous insights on its nature, interactions, and impact within a host and in an external environment. Advanced studies on the role of mic...

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30 Nov 2021  |  Global

Targeted Immunotherapy in Oncology

Developments in Biotechnology Platforms Leading to Increasing Immuno-oncology Applications

This research service investigates technologies that propel the development of new targeted immunotherapies, particularly those that deliver therapeutic DNA and proteins. The top 3 growth opportunities focus on enhanced gene delivery systems for greater precision, the support of such systems through novel biotech platforms, and the affordability of...

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The latest issue of Advanced MedTech Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. The issue includes wound care solutions, such as composite wound dressing film, anti-bacterial dendritic hydrogels for wound care, and anti-bacterial embedded nanofibrous wound dressing...

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