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31 Dec 2013  |  North America

Strategic Outlook on Potential Investments in LATAM Mining Industry

How do Macro Trends Drive the LATAM Mining Industry?

LATAM is one of the key sources of Minerals across the world, holding rich and abundant reserves. Mining is the major contributor of regional GDP and LATAM countries have been attracting effective and successful high quality foreign direct investment (FDI) in the industry. Therefore, this study focuses on the mining investment opportunities in thre...

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24 Dec 2013  |  Global

Opportunity Assessment of Steel Service Centers in the Middle East

Emerging Popularity of Steel Service Centres

Macro trends in the Middle East and North Africa, namely, economic diversification from non-oil segments, rising urbanization, socio-economic reforms, and development of infrastructure, have aided in the rising demand for steel. The Arab Spring revolution will continue to shape the development of the region. Steel service centers (SSC) are the pref...

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22 Aug 2013  |  Africa

Production and Investment Forecasts of the Platinum Mining Industry in Southern Africa

Increasing World Vehicle Fleet will Stimulate Platinum Production in Southern Africa

This research service provides a detailed and up-to-date market intelligence on production and investment trends in the platinum mining industry in Southern Africa. Southern Africa hosts over 87% of the world's platinum group metal deposits and accounted for 79% of platinum in 2012. South Africa and Zimbabwe are key producers of platinum group meta...

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05 Aug 2013  |  Africa

Production and Investment Forecasts in Southern Africa's Steel Industry

Strong Growth Anticipated for Southern African Steel Sector

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the Southern African steel market for the period 2008 to 2018. It begins with a high-level analysis and discusses the industry challenges, market drivers, and restraints. The research service also covers the total South African Steel industry production capacity, demand, forecasts, and competito...

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30 Jul 2013  |  Africa

Production and Investment Forecasts in West Africa's Iron Ore Mining Industry

Increasing Demand from Steel Markets to Boost Iron Ore Production

This research service provides detailed and up-to-date market intelligence on West Africas iron ore mining industry that includes Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Guinea. The research aims to understand the production trends in West Africas iron ore mining industry between 2001 and 2011. West Africa is fa...

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01 Feb 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Russian Steel Products Market

Shift of Sales DirectionFocus on Emerging Economies

This research service covers the Russian steel products market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, distribution, technologies, legislations, demand, and geographical trends. In addition, it provides an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation, including producers' market shares, as well as detailed profiles of the key compe...

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6 Item(s)