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This research covers the structural Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) used by firefighters, this includes fire helmets, SCBA, turnout gear, gloves and boots. This research focuses on the current and future market metrics, trends and strategic growth opportunities in the firefighter PPE market.

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14 Jan 2008  |  Europe

European Markets for Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are generally used in workplace environments to protect the worker's hands from hazards that may be faced there. One important trend in the market is to have gloves that provide a wider range of protections to the wearer. Frost & Sullivan's last analysis of the gloves market in 2003 focused on segmenting the market by European Nor...

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24 Dec 2013  |  Europe

Analysis of the Western European Protective Footwear Market

The Service Sector Drives Growth

This market engineering research service presents an assessment of the protective footwear market in the Western European region. It explores the quantitative and qualitative factors influencing the Western European protective footwear market, and various sub-segments within. This research service assesses the impact of the recent recession and the...

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This research looks at the protective footwear market in each of the main regions of Western Europe, and also provides analysis of the different main types of footwear: shoes, boots and Wellingtons. Differentiation is also made between the different levels of protection offered by the footwear, as defined by EN ISO 20345, 20346 and 20347.

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31 Dec 2008  |  Europe

European Markets for Above the Neck PPE

This research covers the Western European above-the-neck PPE market, this includes head protection, eye and face protection as well as hearing protection. This research focuses on the current and future market metrics, trends, competitive landscape and strategic growth opportunities in the above-the-neck PPE market.

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02 Jul 2021  |  Europe

Western European Protective Footwear Growth Opportunities

New Product Development in Recyclable, Anti-slip, and Electrostatic Discharge Footwear

The Western European protective footwear market generated €1,737.0 million in revenue in 2020. Market demand was driven by stringent enforcement of regulatory norms and an increasing awareness of the ability of protective footwear to reduce on-the-job injuries. Among the 3 product segments, safety footwear accounted for 52% of revenue share in 2...

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19 Oct 2020  |  Europe

Wildland Firefighting Fueling the Western European Firefighter PPE Market

Decontamination and Washability Trends to Drive Future Growth Opportunities

The Western European firefighter PPE market is driven by multiple factors, including increased global warming, drier summers, increased wildfires, and improved technological innovations in firefighter PPE. Increased safety concerns with regard to cancer-causing carcinogens have resulted in the standardization of washing cycle after each fire interv...

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04 Sep 2020  |  Europe

Product Innovation and Customization Driving the Mature Western European Above-the-neck PPE Market, 2020–2024

Multi-functional Products, Especially those Catering to the Manufacturing and Construction End-user Verticals, will Drive Growth Opportunities

Product innovation, customization and adoption of multi-functional products are driving the mature Western European above-the-neck. With nearly 95% of PPEs being sold through distributors, customer service is a key contributor to the growth of the above-the-neck PPE market in the region. • Amongst countries, Germany, the United Kingdom & Irela...

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06 Jul 2020  |  Europe

Western European Industrial Protective Clothing Market, Forecast to 2024

Focus on Increasing Comfort for the End User is Driving the Market Toward Material and Design Innovation

Protective clothing is used by various end industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive manufacturing, and construction to provide protection against work hazards for their workers. Increasing focus on employee wellness and safety has led to the evolution of the protective clothing market in Western Europe. Industrial protective clo...

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15 Apr 2013  |  Europe

Analysis of the Western European Gas Detection Market

Technology and System Upgrades Along with a Strong Regulatory Landscape will Spur Growth

This study focuses on the western European gas detection markets and examines drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, and market penetration. Additionally, an in-depth analysis of the competitive scenario has been provided. The market has been segmented on the basis of types of products, namely fixed gas detectors, portable gas detectors, and d...

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