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31 Jul 2012  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Video Conferencing Market in South Asia, the Middle East, and Egypt

Higher Adoption of Video in India, Saudi and UAE as Liking for Technology Progresses

The video market in India is showing signs of high growth due to the adoption of video conferencing systems by large enterprises across different verticals and the declining price of the endpoints and infrastructure products. India followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE markets are fast catching up as they are gaining exposure to new a...

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This study explores the Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) ecosystem in Asia Pacific and elucidates the FMC portfolio of leading service providers in the region including their service offerings, consumer strategies, and future plans.

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27 Dec 2006  |  Asia Pacific

Benchmarking of Service Providers in Asia Pacific

The research service on Benchmarking of Service Providers in Asia Pacific gives the competitive structure, market shares of countries by subscribers and revenues benchmarking their position individually in the fixed, mobile, internet and data communications service segments.The research service also provides revenue forecasts for the telecommunicat...

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01 Jul 2004  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific IP VPN Services Markets

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