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This market analysis research provides market sizing, segmentation, and forecasts for the video conferencing endpoints and infrastructure market in EMEA. Country/sub-region breakouts are provided for the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Nordics, Spain, Italy, Rest of Europe, and Middle East and Africa regions. The study also provides market shares for...

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13 Jan 2016  |  Europe

European Telecommunications Carrier Market—Update, Q3 2015

Emergence of Largest Mobile Operator in Italy, 4G Auction in Turkey and New WiFi Calling Launch in UK

The research provides an overview of key mobile and fixed communications developments by major European mobile operators in Q3 2015. It covers both qualitative (product launches, infrastructure development, partnerships/alliances, M&A activity, key client wins, change in personnel) and quantitative (mobile and fixed broadband subscribers, mobile AR...

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08 Nov 2016  |  Europe

Project Management 2.0 Software Tools Democratize Project Management

Emergence of PM 2.0 Adds to the Evolution of the Collaborative Workplace

The need for greater collaboration, more transparency in project approvals, and project workflow has led to the development of Project Management (PM 2.0) software tools. PM 2.0 extends the emergent, collaborative approach of Web 2.0 to the traditionally structured PM practice found in tools such as email and excel. The objective of PM 2.0 software...

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19 Dec 2016  |  Europe

SDN and NFV for the Next-generation WAN

An Insight into Orange Business Services Easy Go Offering

Enterprise networks are increasingly challenged by the static nature of WAN as they need to keep up with the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure, ever-increasing bandwidth and enterprise mobility requirements. Leading NSPs globally are incorporating software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) into th...

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14 Nov 2016  |  Europe

Europe’s Real-Time Cities Revisited—Survey 2016

The Quest for Commercial Sustainability of Smart City Initiatives Continues

This 2016 Real-Time Cities survey monitors the focus areas of work, state of development, roadmaps, and opportunities for ICT solutions providers. It is a parallel survey to the 2015 Frost & Sullivan iteration, gathering inputs from mostly new participants. A true Real-Time City exploits its repositories of data as they are generated, along with ...

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02 Nov 2016  |  Europe

European IoT Operator Profiles—Part 1

Development of Ecosystem Around Telco's Proprietary Offering Infuses Hope for Growth

Telecom operators are one of the most important participants in the Internet of Things (IoT) value chain, as they are evolving themselves to become 'key enablers' by acting as an interface between enterprise customers and IoT hardware, software, and platform vendors. As connectivity remains a low-value component of the IoT value chain, telecom oper...

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17 May 2016  |  Europe

Broadband Access in Global High-speed Rails

Spiralling Consumer and Business Connectivity Demands Galvanize Growth, ThalysNet in France and Tokaido Shinkansen in Japan Among World's Top High-speed Rail Networks Offering Internet Connectivity

Globally, trains are one of the most popular modes of transport and users of high-speed rails demand reliable and secure broadband Internet access. Two of the world's top high-speed rail networks, one in Europe and one in Japan, now offer Internet access, and a case study of each is provided in this study. Trains require a combination of technologi...

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04 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Wearables Future Analysis - Revolutionizing Digital Payments

Wearable Payments Poised to Leapfrog NFC-enabled Smartphones to Emerge as Strong Alternative Payment Modality

In November 2015, MasterCard announced its partnership with several hardware vendors to enable payment functionality in Internet-connected everyday objects such as wearable bands, rings, key fobs, and clothing. Connected objects are transforming all aspects of everyday life.

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19 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Nokia Hustles to Confront Ericsson-Cisco Merger

Nokia and Huawei Gear to Respond to Future Joint Solutions from Ericsson-Cisco, particularly High Growth IoT

When Nokia announced its acquisition of rival network equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) in April 2015, the long-anticipated move was seen as a necessary response to the market dominance of Ericsson and fierce price competition from Huawei. Since then, Ericsson has teamed up with Cisco in a global strategic partnership that appears as committed ...

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09 Feb 2016  |  Europe

Cisco Snaps Up Jasper Technologies, Filling the Cellular Gap in IoT Stack

Proposed $1.4 Billion Acquisition to Allow Cisco to Complete its IoT Stack, Open Up Addressable Market

Cisco has moved to snap up privately held Jasper Technologies with a proposed acquisition of $1.4 billion, which is believed to be as much as 20 times the company's annual revenue in 2015. Describing the move as a huge step forward for Cisco, Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President Internet of Things (IoT), said the company would now be able to offer...

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