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28 Nov 2013  |  Europe

European Commercial Vehicle Telematics Dashboard

Industry Handbook for FMS Vendors

This research study serves as an industry handbook for fleet management system (FMS) vendors. It provides a market overview, covering vehicles in operation, sales and production volumes, average annual miles driven by vehicle type, total cost of operation, production/assembly plants, and telematics penetration. This database looks at the penetratio...

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20 Aug 2013  |  Europe

Future of Gaseous Fuel Developments in the Transportation Market - Towards 2030

Gasoline Prices will Boost the Growth of Gaseous Fuel Vehicles

This research service provides a strategic outlook and overview of the European energy market. It discusses and analyses the gaseous fuel market. The study further examines the power generation mix and trends at a global level, and filters them down to Europe. It discusses the automotive implications in the gaseous fuel market, with focus on the gl...

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09 Jul 2013  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the Turkish Medium-Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Market

Sales to Exceed 75,000 by 2020

The study provides the current market size of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and midibuses in Turkey, along with a detailed analysis of market participants. It includes an analysis on opportunities for global companies in the Turkish market, with key insights and strategies of domestic manufacturers. It also includes in-depth analysis of mar...

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08 Jul 2013  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of the European Light Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market

Recurring Revenue Streams and New Service Offerings are Triggering Market Opportunities

This research service provides a strategic analysis of the light commercial vehicle (LCV) telematics market in Europe. It discusses the penetration of fleet management solutions (FMS) in LCVs by country and fleet size. The study provides valuable insights regarding market dynamics, trends, challenges, outlook and the different packages offered by F...

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20 May 2013  |  Europe

Strategic Insights into the Development of the 48V On-board Power-net in Europe

An Alternative Energy Source Bridges the Gap Between Gas-guzzlers and Cleaner Mobility Solutions

With increased electrical loads, especially from electronic applications, and the need to reduce carbon emissions, the voltage level of a vehicles power-net must be increased. Still, not all applications are ready to be ported to a higher voltage level, which has resulted in a phased approach to porting and the development of a dual-voltage power-...

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19 Apr 2013  |  Europe

2013 Global Powertrain Outlook

Fuel Efficiency Regulations are Driving Global Growth for Small-displacement, 3-cylinder Engines

Emission norms, driveability, and fuel efficiency regulations are among the key drivers encouraging next-generation, green powertrain technologies. This service analyses market trends and discusses key findings for the global powertrain market. Further, it surveys the global powertrain mix and outlook for electric vehicles (EVs) in 2013. It provide...

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6 Item(s)