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04 Mar 2020  |  Latin America

The Transition to a successful Work at Home Agent (WAHA) Model

Exploring Trends and Growth Opportunities for Latin American Providers

The remote work modality is rapidly becoming the norm among office workers throughout the globe. According to Merchant Savvy, remote workers have grown 159% in 2019 since 2005, more than 11x faster than the rest of the workforce. Remote work is a way to work outside the employer´s premises, regardless from where. One common alternative is Home-Of...

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20 Feb 2020  |  North America

Wireless Carrier Strategies and Opportunities in the North American Mobile Workforce Apps Market, 2020

Leveraging the App Reseller Role to Sell Adjacent Services, Improve Positioning, and Decrease Churn

This study examines wireless carrier strategies in today’s North American mobile workforce apps market. The information contained in this study allows wireless carriers to benchmark their mobile worker app efforts against those of their peers. This study should also help mobile workforce app developers identify potential reseller partners. Frost...

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03 Feb 2020  |  Asia Pacific

IoT in Agriculture—APAC Telco Growth Opportunities, 2019

Growth Opportunities and Market Forecasting

The APAC Agriculture IoT market stood at $0.12 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 27.4% between 2018 to 2025 to reach $0.65 billion by 2025. The study has calculated the spending across key application areas comprising crop surveying and condition monitoring, smart irrigation systems, precision planting, ...

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03 Feb 2020  |  North America

OTT Service Providers Have Yet to Figure Out How to Achieve Service and Monetization Parity Across Traditional and Online Broadcasts

No OTT Services Achieving Service and Monetization Parity on Traditional and Online Broadcasts

Content services are most beloved when they offer delightful, consistent, cross-device OTT experiences, which are at par with conventional live, linear managed experiences. While Tier-1 services such as Comcast and others are coming closer to this idea in the US, the overall problem is far from solved. Even a decade after Netflix and Hulu first beg...

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31 Jan 2020  |  North America

Server-Side Ad Stitching Finds a Home in Live and Catch-Up

Server-Side Ad Stitching in Live and Catch-Up

Server-side ad insertion has normally been about tackling the problems of ad blocking and device fragmentation. But the industry is now seeing platform shifts that change the sweet spot of ad stitching towards live and catch-up TV. Client-side ad SDKs have grown in sophistication, the platforms they run have become more capable and the transition t...

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30 Jan 2020  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Network Security Market Q3 2019 Tracker

Healthy Growth of Next Generation Firewall Segment Continues to Drive Overall Network Security Market Growth

The Asia-Pacific network security market recorded a YoY growth of 15.7% in Q3 2019, which was slightly slower as compared to Q3 2018 (at 17.3% YoY). In Q3 2019, China continued to experience strong YoY growth and lead the market in terms of market share. Both China and Japan remained key countries in terms of revenue contribution. Looking at the re...

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29 Jan 2020  |  Asia Pacific

Cisco Asia-Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) Contact Center Analyst Day and Symposium, 2019

Cisco Weaving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies to Drive Contact Center Success

Cisco Asia-Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) Contact Center Analyst Day 2019 and Contact Center Symposium were held from 11 to 13 November in Sydney, Australia. The events brought together Cisco contact center executives, industry subject matter experts (SMEs), partners, and customers facilitating the conversation on the rising role of cloud in the ...

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23 Jan 2020  |  North America

Importance and Need for Flexible Cloud-Based Workflows

Cloud Providers Must Answer this Urgent Need in the Market in a Scalable Manner

As video-based content services are now big business, with real revenue behind them, cloud-based ecosystems are now the difference between success and failure. Content owners can no longer afford to rely on self-hosted solutions that are more costly, harder to upgrade, and can't be scaled on-demand. Cloud services are opening new doors via platform...

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23 Jan 2020  |  North America

Streaming Video to Get Disrupted Again with Rising Costs and D2C Models

There are Over-500 Live and On-demand Streaming Services Globally

The pay TV market has been in a state of disruption for the past few years. With many of these content services starting to mature, the streaming media market is about to evolve again, causing confusion for consumers. Many of these services started out pitching one main value proposition – being low cost. But now, with nearly every major streamin...

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23 Jan 2020  |  North America

Challenges and Best Practices in Multi-CDN Deployment

CDNs are a Logical Part of the Technology Stack that can benefit from Leveraging Multiple Providers

Multi-CDN strategies are quickly becoming a topic of interest for organizations in a wide range of industries. There are clear, tangible business benefits to deploying multi-CDNs around improving the user experience and controlling costs. And although some respondents hold the perception that operating multi-CDNs can be complex, companies are dispe...

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