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13 Jan 2015  |  Asia Pacific

eCommerce in Russia

Capturing Double-digit Growth Takes More than Business Model Copy-Paste

This Frost & Sullivan research service provides the reader with an overview of the current state and key trends in Russian eCommerce. It showcases Russia as one of the fastest-growing and most-promising eCommerce markets in the world. Acknowledging the attractiveness of Russian eCommerce in recent years, the research service provides a perspective ...

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07 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Internet of Things

Opportunities and Insights for Communication Service Providers in Malaysia

The Asia-Pacific ICT sector is getting increasingly mature. Revenue growth from traditional ICT sectors is projected to be flat and participants can no longer rely on their core areas to increase shareholders' value. Hence, there is a need for new sources of revenue to stay relevant. IoT offers opportunities for ICT companies to transform industrie...

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2 Item(s)