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14 Nov 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Managed WAN Optimization Services Market 2010

An Overview of Service Provider Opportunities

The Managed WAN Optimization Services Market continued to enjoy a growing awareness among enterprises and service providers in Asia-Pacific (APAC), as the segment recorded a robust growth rate in 2010 on a year-on-year (YoY) basis. Moreover, increasing pressure on enterprises in APAC to practice greater financial prudence in the wake of uncertain b...

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15 Oct 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Infrastructure as a Service Market, 2011

Moving Beyond Initial Fears to Achieve Mass Acceptance

The Asia-Pacific Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market is witnessing increasing traction as the delivery model offers lower total cost of ownership and is fast to implement. The research study covers the Asia-Pacific IaaS market and the six constituent regions including: ANZ, ASEAN, Greater China, India, Japan, and South Korea. It provides key ...

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10 Oct 2011  |  Europe

Mobile Infrastructure Development in Europe

Innovation is the key to address challenges.

Mobile infrastructure market is undergoing transition as a result of a number of technological advancements. With data traffic reaching great heights, telecom operators are concentrating on deploying or upgrading existing 2G and 3G infrastructures, and testing and deploying 4G infrastructure. The major trends that have been observed is the coexiste...

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05 Jul 2011  |  Europe

Mobile Broadband in Western Europe

Mobile broadband market in Western Europe has witnessed a number of developments in the past five years. Most of these developments have been related to technology and business model evolutions. This study presents the various trends with respect to technology and market dynamics in the five major western European countries (France, Germany, Italy,...

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Analysis of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Telephony Endpoints Markets study offers an analysis of the endpoints market. It analyses the market trends, of IP deskphones phones softphones, Rich Media Phones, SIP phones and Digital phones only. This research is based on Frost & Sullivan's proprietary T.E.A.M. methodology, ensures that clients have comp...

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The mobile and wireless industry in Europe is facing a number of challenges and as a result, the mobile operators are looking at a variety of opportunities to retain their subscribers and revenue market shares. One of the recent trends that is emerging in the saturated mobile and wireless markets in the Europe is that of consolidation of telecom op...

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15 May 2008  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Telepresence Markets CY 2007

2007 was a turning point in telepresence history. While 2006 was a year full of anxiety and debates on the revival of telepresence, the year 2007 turned the market hype into reality. In Asia Pacific, the market made a quantum leap, growing astoundingly at 180.5 percent in revenues. The Asia Pacific Telepresence study offers an insight into Asia Pac...

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Telepresence has been in the market for many years, but it is only lately that it has gained unprecedented attention. When global players started to focus on the Asia Pacific market in late 2005, many concerns were raised about whether telepresence could actually make an impressive debut in the region. The fact that the Asian market had an abundanc...

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07 Jun 2006  |  Asia Pacific

Mobile Innovations from Asia Pacific

The objective of this research service is to inform the reader about upcoming mobile marketing solutions in Asia Pacific. The study also analyses the impact of these solutions on consumers and service providers, with the help of appropriate analytical tools.

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18 Apr 2006  |  Asia Pacific

Low-Cost Telecom Innovations in Asia Pacific

This research service focuses on the latest low-cost telecom innovations, taking place in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific. Asian service providers are launching a number of new IP based applications and service which can be potentially deployed in other regions of the world. For each innovative application, Frost & Sullivan has expressed its o...

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