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21 Nov 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Chinese Mobile Payments Services Market, Forecast to 2023

Payment Giants Setting Global Trends in Mobile Payments

The Chinese market for mobile payment offers not only market opportunities for solution providers intending to operate within the domestic market but also learning points for global mobile payment solution providers. China is a unique case study that can showcase to the world that cashless societies are becoming increasingly possible. Already, 40% ...

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26 Sep 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Video at the Edge

Datafication of the Physical World We Live In

As we move into a data-defined world, digitizing physical space has enabled organizations to make the digital connections between the physical environment and virtual world, converting real world data into value. Systems have become more open and interoperable, creating new data sources mined through digital means an important component that ena...

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19 Sep 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Trends, 2018

Consolidation of Large Distributors Leads to the Evolution of a Two-step Channel

The Australian automotive aftermarket parts distribution is witnessing a steady growth; Australia has some of the leading Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) who are continuously on the lookout for establishing their mark in the region’s aftermarket space with mergers and acquisitions in the region. Frost & Sullivan explores Australian aftermarket...

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30 Aug 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Application of Big Data Analytics in Construction Industry, Forecast to 2022

With Big Data Coming Into Picture Construction Industry is Expected to Witnesses Transformational Growth

Big Data solutions are emerging across the construction industry, driven by increased connectivity and Internet usage, the rapid proliferation of connected vehicles, and the continued investment in Big Data analytics innovations. However, the threat of data privacy and security continues to challenge potential adoption as businesses are still strug...

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03 Aug 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Cyber Security Improvement Insights—Security Intelligence and Analytics

An Analysis of the Solution Landscape and Best Practices in Asia-Pacific

Technology is increasingly advancing, so does threat landscape. Cyber attackers are attempting to breach companies' defenses every second, using increasingly sophisticated methods. Security teams are constantly challenged by the lack of skilled manpower and the right visibility of threats to their organizations’ assets. Despite current security ...

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01 Aug 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Indonesia Malaysia and Thailand Car Parc Database, Forecast to 2022

Thailand to Remain Country with the Highest Vehicle Parc in ASEAN between 2018 and 2022

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand Car Parc Database is an excel based study which presents trends in the total car parc in the 3 countries for 2010-2022. With several factors supporting automotive industry growth, ASEAN has emerged as one of the largest car markets globally. This study indicates that ASEAN car parc is expected to see a positive gro...

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29 Jun 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Emerging Battery Companies in Asia-Pacific, 2017

Fast Growing Startups Pose Stiff Challenge to Industry Incumbents

The secondary battery market in Asia-Pacific is experiencing strong growth due to significant fall in battery costs and increasing demand from automotive, utilities, industrial sectors, consumer electronics, and wearable segments. Asia-Pacific is the largest market globally for batteries and is also rapidly growing its battery production. The regio...

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20 Jun 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Smart Farming and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in ASEAN Countries, Forecast to 2022

ASEAN—Goldmine of Opportunities for Smart Farming and IoT Applications

The aim of this market insight is to highlight the key technological developments in the field of agriculture, with a focus on enabling technologies that will transform the agriculture sector in ASEAN countries. It will discuss smart farming, and the crucial role it is set to play to address the major challenges of growing food demand, soaring oper...

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06 Jun 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Growth Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Population Health Management Solutions Market, Forecast to 2022

Coordinated Advances in Efficiency and Quality Depend on Collaborative Ecosystems

Population Health Management (PHM) has many connotations ranging from an ideal or a concept to a real market segment. As a concept it refers to the reduction of disease risk and the attached financial burden at a population level. Execution of the concept entails intricate interaction between telehealth technologies, software solutions, and healthc...

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09 May 2018  |  Asia Pacific

Australian Contact Center Applications Market, Forecast to 2023

The Market Will Continue Adopting Advanced Customer Contact Applications

The Australian contact center applications market grew by 2.8%, reporting total market revenue of $122.1 million in 2016. The market is forecast to decline at a CAGR of 1.3% from 2016 to 2023. This study is part of the Asia-Pacific research service for the contact center applications market which covers 14 countries (Australia, China, Hong Kong, In...

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