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16 Nov 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Medical Devices Distributor Profiling in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea

Leverage Growth Opportunities with an In-depth Understanding of Distributor Dynamics in the Region

This research service includes a detailed analysis of the medical devices distribution landscape in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea and profiles of five major distributors in each country. Corporate information, customer details, and competitive analysis of each distributor have been provided. Corporate information includes details ab...

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02 Feb 2011  |  North America

World Motors Fact Book

World Motors Fact Book

This research service is a global fact book of electric motors. The study provides unit shipments and revenues of the global electric motors for the year 2007 to illustrate the market condition prior to the economic downturn, for the year 2009 to illustrate the impact on the market from the economic downturn, and forecasts for 2016. In addition, th...

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2 Item(s)