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This study analyzes the Asia Pacific enterprise telephony markets for the year 2005. Factors driving and restraining the Asia-Pacific markets are ranked according to their order of importance.The market is segmented into the PBX, KTS, WPBX and IP-PBX markets for all the regions. Revenue forecasts and vendor market shares are given for all the segme...

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In this 2009 study, 1938 consumers from U.K., Italy, Spain, France and Germany and across different vehicle segments such as A&B, C, D&E, MPV and SUV participated. This study include detailed analysis of: - importance consumer attach to ADAS features, - consumer preference for HMI notification and warning, - consumer awareness of safety testin...

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This study provides information on the customer willingness to pay for navigation systems and features. This study takes into account the big 5 European markets and also the different vehicle segment behaviour.

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