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26 Jul 2017  |  Global

TOP50 Key Markets for Connected Truck Services, 2016

Market Readiness Outlook for 107 Countries Focusing on Connectivity and IoT Services

This research service aims at analyzing the Global Connected Truck Market and identifying key countries of growth and opportunity for connectivity services. The Connected Truck Market is burgeoning into a mammoth industry with services and ecosystem players increasing year-on-year. The services are consolidating under the common platforms and inc...

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23 Mar 2017  |  Global

Global Airline Digital Transformation Programmes, 2017

Airline Requirements Driving Project Design and Implementation in Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Core IT Systems

There is an evident increase in the level of sophistication and acceleration in the pace of implementation of digital transformation programs in the airline industry. A growing number of airlines are investing in modern IT systems and partnering with global technology integrators and niche solution suppliers. It is estimated that the incremental va...

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04 Apr 2017  |  Global

Global Data Analytics for Industries Report, 2017–2023

Rise of Progressive Analytic Techniques Expected to Induce New Business Models in Manufacturing

Analytics have been around for a long time in different forms. Starting with manual data collection, it has progressed to reporting systems and then to statistical-based modelling systems. The progressive improvement in computer prowess simultaneously backed by electronic advancement in sensor technology has led to an era of convergence. This has c...

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05 Apr 2017  |  Global

Intelligent Mobility Future Business Models in Connected and Autonomous Mobility

Presentations from Frost & Sullivan’s Interactive Two-day Workshop and Networking Event, 2017

This research study focuses on providing all the presentations from Frost & Sullivan's two-day workshop event held in July 2016 in London, called Intelligent Mobility 3.0, Future of Business Models in Connected and Autonomous Mobility. These include presentations from Frost & Sullivan Europe team and a host of other companies, such as Daimler, Gene...

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06 Apr 2017  |  Global

Start-ups Disrupting the Global Automotive and Mobility Industry, 2016–2017

Over 1,700 Start-ups Focused on Electrification, Mobility, and Connected Car Technologies are Gaining Traction

The study identifies and analyzes various start-ups in the automotive space across various verticals - ranging from connected car technologies to aftermarket solution providers. Start-ups are identified based on their solutions and their globe reach. Frost & Sullivan has examined the evolution of the shortlisted start-ups and their offerings to cus...

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12 Apr 2017  |  Global

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence—Foreseeing Manufacturing in the Cognitive Era

Investigating Cognitive Technologies that will Reshape Manufacturing Value Chain in the Future

The impact of information technology (IT) on the manufacturing industry has been tremendous in recent times. With an increasing number of machines being connected to the Internet, data are being generated in huge volumes. Advancements in real-time data processing and predictive analytics further help in discovering newer ways of utilising the data ...

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13 Apr 2017  |  Global

Global Content Protection Market, Forecast to 2021

OTT, HTML5, and Cable IP-fication Disrupt Status Quo for Conditional Access Systems (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Video service operators continue to rely heavily on content protection technologies to secure content, protect revenue, and meet content licensing obligations. However, the nature of protection technologies is expanding to encompass changing content delivery and rendering destinations including consumer electronics (CE) device apps and browsers. Th...

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17 Apr 2017  |  Global

Global City Surveillance Market, Forecast to 2022

Smart City Infrastructure Expansion will Facilitate Investment in Surveillance

City surveillance will be driven by an increase in the number of smart city projects and the requirement of law enforcement agencies and city operators to keep citizens safe. Over the coming years, real-time monitoring is expected to grow with law enforcement agencies relying more on surveillance networks than traditional evidentiary and review. An...

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12 May 2017  |  Global

Current and Evolving Opportunities for Professional Services in the Test and Measurement (T&M) Market, Forecast to 2021

Increasing Customer Outsourcing Drives Business Value for New Services

It is no secret that getting profitability from hardware in the professional services Test and Measurement (T&M) market has become increasingly challenging. As a result, there is a need for new designs to be more flexible to the constantly changing technology. It is not test equipment against test equipment anymore, and test equipment vendors canno...

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16 May 2017  |  Global

Global Analytical Instrumentation Software Market, Forecast to 2023

Food Testing, Pharmaceutical, and Biopharmaceutical Sectors to Drive Automation Enabled through Software

The global analytical instrumentation software market constitutes the application, system, and libraries/database software used with the below listed analytical instrumentation. It includes software offered by key manufacturers, third-party solution providers, and licensing/upgradation charges. System manufacturers will have to partner with other s...

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