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24 Mar 2016  |  North America

Vital Signs - Impact on Medical Imaging of Deep Learning and Internet of Things (IoT), HIMSS 2016

Competitive Strategies and Time to Market are Key to Maximizing on Emerging Growth Opportunities

As every year, Frost & Sullivan attended the annual HIMSS meeting, where we explore new trending themes unveiling new opportunities in medical imaging. The two themes pertaining to medical imaging that we explored at the 2016 edition are: I. The Internet of Medical Imaging Things: Assessing the Strategy of the Big Three. II. Deep Learning in Medica...

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This market insight discusses the importance of the 'process' aspect of CRM in customer retention. This is illustrated with the help of a case study of a leading internet service provider, where we discuss some of the challenges faced by the company in customer retention, and the lessons learnt. Some of the process-centric best practices in custome...

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Wholesale wireline service providers have been enjoying increased demand for leased lines and SONET services from wireless providers as their backhaul traffic has grown. Several market drivers are culminating in wireless service providers needing to expand their backhaul capabilities, but buying services from wholesale providers will prove to be e...

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30 Sep 2005  |  North America

IVR - End User Survey

This end user study was conducted via email. Respondents were from all of the major verticals including healthcare, hospitality and travel, financial services and banking, telecommunications and IT, and retail among others. The study investigates the adoption of speech and future investment priorities.

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29 Jul 2005  |  North America

Movers & Shakers

This is a detailed insight on the strategies Applied Global Technologies (AGT) implemented to gain success in the videoconferencing services market.

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30 Jun 2005  |  North America

IP Contact Center Trends - Market Insight

The infrastructure of the contact center is undergoing change from hardware to software-based. In large part this is driven by the emergence of IP (internet protocol) technologies promise greater deployment flexibility and lower costs. This Insight discusses the drivers and benefits of IP along with risks involved and a timeline for market penetrat...

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30 Jun 2005  |  North America

End-to-End Enterprise Communications Solutions

This is a market insight that provides details on the impact that PBX vendors are having on the conferencing market. Many of the top enterprise communications vendors have recently expanded their offerings to include audio, web and video conferencing capabilities. Such end-to-end solutions have benefits for customers and end users. However, chall...

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28 Jun 2005  |  North America

Enterprise Marketing Management

Marketing initiatives have traditionally looked at generating channels for revenue growth.Lately,marketing efforts have come into tighter scrutiny with demands of financial justification of marketing spend.Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) software provides solutions to exercise cost control and generate value from marketing spend for the enter...

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31 Mar 2005  |  North America

Web self-service - Market Insight

Internet infrastructure and technology has reshaped the way organizations provide sales and technical support to their channels and customers. Propelled by rising costs of telephony support, the market for web self-service is quickly becoming a ubiquitous method of supplying and retrieving corporate product, service and technical information and da...

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