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27 Jan 2021  |  North America

Artificial Intelligence Powering the Global Medical Imaging Market

Efficiency Tools and Workflow Optimization to Drive Future Growth Potential

The medical imaging and informatics industry is evolving, with vendors launching new products and solutions every other day. As the reimbursement environment transitions from fee-for-service to value-based payment, vendors business models and value propositions are changing. New evidence on the use of specific imaging techniques is influencing chan...

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16 Aug 2016  |  North America

Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) Market

Emerging Business Models Drive Transformation

The key objective of this research is to provide in-depth knowledge of the major global pharmaceutical CMO market segments—active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates; and finished dose formulations (FDFs), further segmented by solid, liquid and semi-solid, and injectable doses—and to understand the value chain from clinical to c...

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04 Jul 2016  |  North America

The Global Immuno-oncology Therapeutics Market—Checkpoint Inhibitors

The Next Generation of Cancer Therapies

Immuno-oncology is based on the premise that tumors escape detection by the immune system, contributing to their growth and progression. Checkpoint inhibitor pathways act as the checks and balances that allow T-cells to recognize foreign substances or tumors. This global study looks at the immune-oncology therapeutics pipeline for checkpoint inhibi...

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11 Jul 2013  |  North America

2012 United States Radiology Directors’ Choice: Medical Imaging Equipment

Determining Brand Perceptions and Preferences

The primary objective of this research is to assess the behavior of North American radiology directors as well as their preferences regarding radiology departments use of medical imaging equipment and services. Supporting the primary objective, this research will also: determine titles of medical equipment purchasers (executives, directors, and man...

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10 May 2013  |  North America

U.S. Medical Imaging IT Middleware

A Study of Customer Perceptions and Purchase Intentions in Hospitals

This is a repackaging of this research deliverable. During the fourth quarter of 2009, Frost & Sullivan conducted a Customer Research project titled Medical Imaging IT Middleware: A Study of Customer Perceptions and Purchase Intentions in the U.S. Hospital Market. The study aimed to provide the vendors developing, selling, and implementing medical ...

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21 Dec 2012  |  North America

2013 Projected Global Laboratory Products Budgets

Brands Named, Purchasing Trends Identified

This survey of 170 laboratory managers and researchers investigates budgets for these product categories: instruments, equipment, chemicals, life science reagents and kits, glassware, plasticware, and general laboratory supplies over the 2011-2013 period. Budgets for service and repair of instruments and equipment also are presented. Additionally,...

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26 Nov 2012  |  North America

Global Quantitative and dPCR Instrumentation and Consumables Purchasing Trends

Opportunities Within Organizations

The primary objective of this research is to identify trends for quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques, specifically the use of nascent digital PCR (dPCR) technology in comparison with the mature real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) technology. The research strives to compare differences of current and future use between qPCR and dPC...

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02 Nov 2012  |  North America

United States Oncology Drug Delivery Preferences and Opportunities in Cancer Drug Delivery

Volume 2: Patient Perspectives

Drug delivery is an important area of drug development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. In Oncology, developers are interested in understanding the opportunities and parameters for delivery of drugs in outpatient settings, particularly the home. This is important for biotechnology products used in this area as companies seek to des...

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27 Sep 2012  |  North America

2009 United States Oncology Drug Delivery Patterns, Preferences, and Opportunities

Volume 1: Oncologist and Infusion Nurse Perspectives

Drug delivery is an important area of drug development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This customer research was completed to understand trends, dynamics, and parameters specific to the delivery of drugs to cancer patients; identify physicians prescribing trends relative to delivery considerations; understand the role of reimburs...

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28 Aug 2012  |  North America

The United States Rheumatic Diseases Therapeutics Market

Changes on the Horizon with Novel Oral Therapies for Musculoskeletal Indications

This research service covers the therapeutics for rheumatic diseases market in the United States from 2009 to 2017, with 2011 as the base year. The focus of this research is on biologics and other treatments prescribed as add-on therapies for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and ankylosing spondylitis (AS); background standard ...

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