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04 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing Market

Companies with Local Manufacturing Capabilities Will Witness Increased Acceptance and Success

The Chinese market is being consolidated into AVIC and COMAC. AVIC is a market leader in Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing. And unlike the ARJ21 development, China is coordinating its efforts for C919 development. With these developments, licensed production, and growing domestic demand, the Chinese aerospace manufacturing market is expected to grow ...

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28 Nov 2012  |  Asia Pacific

APAC Business Analytics for Healthcare Providers - Market Opportunity Assessment

An Elegant Blend of Enterprise and Clinical Data Analytics to Improve Healthcare Delivery

This Market Engineering research explores the challenges and opportunites in the Asia-Pacific market for business analytics for healthcare providers by analyzing revenues, forecasts, market shares, and key trends in this space. The study concludes with insights into how the market will evolve and how it can potentially transform healthcare delivery...

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18 Sep 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Automation and Control Markets in Emerging ASEAN Countries (Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar)

Changing Investment Climate and Need for Infrastructure will Provide Opportunities for Automation

This research service analyzes the automation and control markets in emerging ASEAN countries Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Being slowly developing countries, the rate of technological adoption in them is low. The drivers and challenges facing the automation manufacturers is discussed. The study also analyzes opportunities across these countries and...

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04 Sep 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Evolving Technology Trends and its Adoption in Indian Data Services Market

Future of Ethernet and MPLS Technologies

Domestic  MPLS is expected to drive the volume growth of enterprise data service market in India.  The growth will be driven by the new demand for multipoint connectivity, upgradation of existing links, migration from DLC, and convergence. Internet continues to grow at a steady rate driven by new demand from SMBs, whereas VSAT growth is driven ...

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18 Jul 2012  |  Asia Pacific

SEA and ANZ Programmable Logic Controllers Market

Integrated Approach to Remain a Key Area of Focus for Manufacturers

This study provides an undertanding of the programmable logic controllers market across Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand. It discusses the major happenings in the PLC market and the factors serving as drivers in these regions. It also covers the challenges faced by the companies, the latest trends in the market, and the industry development...

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14 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

SEA and ANZ Smart Grid Market - Automation Opportunities

Australia and Singapore Offer Immense Opportunities in the Smart Grid Market

This study covers automation opportunities in the smartgrid market in SE Asia and Australia and New Zealand. It discusses the technologies that currently use automation and the new technologies in the smart grid market that will use automation. It also provides information on the drivers and restraints faced by governments in implementing these sys...

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05 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Automation and Controls Market in Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand

Growing Economies Hold Much Promise for Automation Manufacturers

This study covers the major automation techniques (PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI, and MES) used by companies and analyzes the effect of technology on the end user. It also discusses the end users and the emerging industries that are likely to benefit from automation. The study seeks to identify the drivers and restraints in each of the technology segments a...

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29 Mar 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping in Indian Defence Market

Modernization and Indigenization will continue to drive defence spending

The defence market in India is driven by modernisation programmes, offset policies, and threats from neighbouring countries. This Frost & Sullivan research service provides an overview of key regional trends in the Indian defence market. The research identifies key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities, and analyses their impact in India. A...

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19 Oct 2011  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunities in Cable Management Systems Market in Southeast Asia

Booming Building Construction Markets in Southeast Asia Set to Spur the CMS Market

This research service covers the Southeast Asian cable management systems market. In this study, cable management system (CMS) includes cable trays, trunkings, and conduits. In addition to the key research findings, this study highlights the market size, presents forecasts, describes the market trends and the competitive landscape, analyses the dis...

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11 Oct 2011  |  Asia Pacific

Study on Industrial Fieldbus Market in Southeast Asia

Fieldbus Market with Focus on Ethernet Technology

This study deals in the industrial control valves market in Southeast Asia. The study discusses the major end users and the other industries likely to adopt the technologies in future. Most major technologies in the fieldbus and ethernet markets are discussed with their revenues and forecasts have been made for seven years until 2017. Besides, the ...

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