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The study gives a comprehensive overview of the Polish Tyre Aftermarket providing market challenges for the key market participants: manufacturers, distributors and dealers. The study also provides an overview of the industry trends, market drivers and restraints and contains detailed market forecasts.

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The research service analyses the European Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Market. The study includes current trends, market drivers, restraints and challenges, market size analysis, deals with unit shipment and forecast from 2008 to 2016 of private and fleet consumers. Pricing Analysis compares the conventional powered two wheelers with electri...

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The key aim of this project is to provide an insight into the most attractive geographic markets that can be targeted for sales of Electric Vehicles. The study will provide the top 10 Cities and Countries with the most marketing potential for Electric Vehicles, with the geographic scope of EU-15 countries and Norway.

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CO2 reduction in cars has been the center of attraction, more than ever, since the global recession hammered economies around the world. Europe has been advancing quite significantly with respect to reduction of CO2 from cars augmented by introduction of a CO2 based vehicle registration and circulation tax. The years running up to 2012 will be also...

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This research service analyses the latest automotive advanced suspension technologies like air, adaptive and semi-active and active suspension systems apart from base suspension systems.The study includes product life cycle analysis, technology trends, market drivers restraints and challenges, penetration scenario analysis, unit shipment analysis, ...

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This research service focuses on providing market trends and forecasts for the European market for the emerging low cost OEM navigation systems including the three types - in-dash fixed, integrated PND and mobile phone-based systems.

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This research study tries to capture an overview of the various technological evolutions affecting the European automotive market. Technology developments in areas like chassis, powertrain, safety, transmission, infotainment, comfort and electronics and the respective system developments in the future have been analyzed. Impact of these new technol...

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The study discusses about the market for driver assist systems, ESP, passive safety and rain sensors used in passenger cars in the European region. Study covers the key drivers, restraints and challenges for the sensors industry and covers in detail about the sensors that are used for the above said systems. Study also has detailed forecasting of r...

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31 Dec 2008  |  Europe

An Update on European Heavy and Medium Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market

Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market

This study gives a strategic insight on the recent developments in the European heavy and medium commercial vehicles telematics market. The research study gives an overview of the recent market trends across Europe influencing the telematics market. Scenario analysis is deployed to analyse the effect of economic slowdown on the dynamics of the mark...

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This study focuses on European 4WD technologies market, comprising mainly of Full time, part-time, FWD based On-demand AWD and RWD based On-demand AWD systems. Key market, legislative and technology drivers for 4WD technologies are discussed as part of the study. The study discusses about the market revenues and units forecast for different 4WD sy...

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