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This study compares US and EU consumers' knowledge and perception of materials used in the production of vehicles. Both groups perceive themselves as having rather low or moderate awareness of the materials, and such knowledge is only moderately important for the majority of both groups. The highest level of importance is placed on structural fra...

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Overall, awareness of green homes is relatively high  with nearly half of all survey respondents knowing what a green home (as defined by Frost & Sullivan) is when unaided. Specifically, awareness is highest among current home owners. Overall, future home owners have higher familiarity and future plans to install all of the various green home pr...

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Overall, vehicle owners are unaware of the specific materials used in their vehicles to help keep them safe, perform well, and maybe even have a less-negative impact on the environment. But, by raising vehicle purchasing consumers awareness of new, more innovative materials  especially those that incorporate green components  materials manufac...

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This research service evaluates the brand preference of contractors for architectural coatings and paint equipments. It also analyzes the reason for contractor's selection of particular product or brand.

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This research service presents the detailed findings of architectural coatings and paint equipment markets, based on interviews with the contractors.

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30 Jun 2005  |  North America

U.S. Automotive Refinish End User Analysis

The U.S Automotive refinish End User study examines the paint and refinishing purchasing and the decision/selection criteria of auto refinish and repair shops. The study consisted of 207 auto refinish decision makers in the United States, and segmented the data by region and also by the average number of auto refinishes in a typical month. Various ...

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