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08 May 2014  |  Global

Global Municipal Solid Waste Management Services Market

Landfill Legislation and Technology Development Drive Market

This research service analyzes the global municipal solid waste (MSW) management services market for the period 2010 to 2020. It provides a detailed breakdown of collection, landfilling, recycling, recovery, biological treatment, and incineration. The study looks at the services aspect of MSW treatment and covers management solutions. It also descr...

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20 May 2014  |  Global

Global Residential and Light Commercial Water Treatment Equipment Market

Augmenting Health Wellness and Wellbeing Consciousness Boosts Market Growth

This research service provides key insights into market trends in the global residential and light commercial water treatment equipment market for the current (2013) market. In addition, it discusses in depth the industry challenges and important drivers and restraints impacting the global WTE market. Additional details on current scenarios, in ter...

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27 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Benchmarking Country Opportunities in Hazardous Waste Management Market in Asia-Pacific

Lack of Regulatory Support and Implementation Deters Market Growth in Developing Countries

The level of hazardous waste management varies among Asia-Pacific countries. Many countries still face major difficulties in managing locally produced hazardous waste. The private sector is often involved in treating hazardous waste at the national level; this is prevalent to a large extent in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and to a lesser...

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20 Nov 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Indian Hotel Guestroom Automation Systems Market

Future Opportunities and Challenges

Guestroom automation in Indian hotels has gained momentum in recent years, mainly due to rising concerns regarding customer satisfaction, which is the motto of the hospitality industry. Although initial costs are high and hinder swift market growth, increasing awareness about the long-term benefits of hotel guestroom automation will eliminate barri...

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05 Feb 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Solid Waste Management Market in Australia

High Landfill Levy to Boost Efficient Waste Collection and Recovery Efforts

This research service outlines the mature market for solid waste management in Australia, and it discusses the reasons for the mature market stage. The fundamental factors driving and restraining this market are examined. The revenue generated, together with the volume of waste generated for the market, is forecast for the long term. Revenue and pr...

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05 Feb 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Australian Facilities Management Market for Retail, Wholesale, and Warehousing

Consumer Demand and Global Investor Activity Secure FM Opportunities

This research service focuses on the Australian facilities management market for retail, wholesale, and warehousing. The Australian facilities management (FM) market for retail, wholesale, and warehousing is a highly fragmented market. It is expected to grow at a stable rate till 2019. The top market participants have been studied through their per...

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26 Feb 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Emergency Lighting Market Analysis

Corporate Responsibility and Government Regulations Will Jointly Ensure a Safe Emergency Environment

Growing safety concerns will drive the market for emergency lighting in India and will encourage innovation in higher technologies such as flame-proof specification, healthy competition through competitive pricing and efficient energy use through LED lamps. Soaring construction and development activities in shopping malls, theatres, airports, infor...

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02 Apr 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Benchmarking Successful Water Companies in Asia-Pacific

Asian Water Companies Sail in a Rough Sea of Competition

This Frost & Sullivan company benchmark analysis reviews the competitive landscape of the water and wastewater treatment market in Asia-Pacific, measured through three main perspecives; growth, business, and innovation. These perspectives branch off into various criteria including revenue growth, expansion, customer acquisition, strategies, deliver...

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16 Jan 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWWT) Market in Brunei, Hong Kong, Maldives, and Taiwan - A CEO 360 Degree Perspective

Uncharted Territories in the WWWT Map Offer Specific Opportunities

The water and wastewater treatment market in Brunei, Hong Kong, Maldives, and Taiwan is likely to offer mid- to long-term business opportunities for market participants with specific opportunities, which are often mutually exclusive. The need for water and wastewater treatment varies in these countries due to the level of market maturity, market de...

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21 Nov 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Membrane Elements Market

Increasing Population and Industrial Activities are Likely to Drive the Growth

Population of the GCC region is continuously increasing and this directly affects water consumption in the municipal sector, which relies heavily on the water obtained from desalination using membranes. Governments in GCC countries have identified municipal wastewater treatment as a priority area for multiple reasons such as achieving the Millenniu...

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