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12 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Chinese Airports Market Development

An Insight into China's Rapidly Developing Airport Industry

With the rapidly developing economy and increased standard of living, China's airport industry is expected to undergo rapid developmental growth. By the end of 2011, there were 180 airports in China for civil use, an increase of five airports from 2010. With the ever increasing need to develop its air travel infrastructure to meet the country's dem...

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04 Dec 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing Market

Companies with Local Manufacturing Capabilities Will Witness Increased Acceptance and Success

The Chinese market is being consolidated into AVIC and COMAC. AVIC is a market leader in Chinese Aerospace Manufacturing. And unlike the ARJ21 development, China is coordinating its efforts for C919 development. With these developments, licensed production, and growing domestic demand, the Chinese aerospace manufacturing market is expected to grow ...

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This market insight is particularly structured for the companies looking to operate their services in Indian tier-II and tier-III destinations. This insight analyzes the current market trends, future prospects and regional airline market opportunities in India. It also analyzes the Indian current regional fleet and provide forecast on the regional ...

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11 Apr 2012  |  Asia Pacific

China Market Opportunities in Air Traffic Management

Infrastructure Investments Drive ATM Growth in China

With China becoming the worlds fastest growing market for air traffic management (ATM) equipment, this deliverable showcases The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China's ambitious plans to build a comprehensive communication, surveillance and information system in the country. China is ready to build 56 more airports during the next fiv...

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29 Mar 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Revenue Opportunities and Stakeholder Mapping in Indian Defence Market

Modernization and Indigenization will continue to drive defence spending

The defence market in India is driven by modernisation programmes, offset policies, and threats from neighbouring countries. This Frost & Sullivan research service provides an overview of key regional trends in the Indian defence market. The research identifies key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities, and analyses their impact in India. A...

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25 Jan 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Economic 360 for China: Growth Prospects and Emerging Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry

Industry and infrastructure upgrades, and technology breakthroughs to drive aerospace industry

China has been the fastest growing economy, expanding at 10.0 percent annually, driven by exports and investment. High priority is given to economic restructuring, from an export-driven to consumption-driven economy during the 12th five year plan period. The aerospace industry is a driver of economic growth, supported by government initiatives and ...

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21 Oct 2011  |  Asia Pacific

Executive Analysis of IT Opportunities in Indian Defense Market

IT Opportunities in Indian Defense to grow backed by Armed Forces Modernization and Defense Offsets

This research service covers the IT opportunities in the Indian defense market during the period 2011-2015. It is possible to break the defense IT market into two different segments based upon the types of systems, namely combat systems and non-combat systems. The study analyzes PESTLE factors, market drivers, restraints and challenges and trends f...

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The recent global recession took a heavy toll on many industries, evident in waves of layoffs, lost revenue, bankruptcies, and a general sense of uncertainly about the future. In comparison, the aerospace manufacturing industry, as a whole, continues to buck the trend-finishing 2010 with record results. Asia Pacific represents a major market for th...

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27 Jun 2011  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Air Defense Systems Market Outlook


The Asia Pacific air defense systems market is segmented into air-to-air defense, land-to-air defense, naval air defense, and C4ISR. This research service explores the market dynamics and factors driving and restraining this market. With increasing threats around Asia Pacific, countries are upgrading and modernizing their defense capabilities to pr...

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21 Jun 2011  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Airport Security Market Assessment

Key challenges, drivers and market restraints of the Asia Pacific Airport Security Market

The airport security market in Asia Pacific is projected to experience significant growth after the recent financial crisis. Various manufacturers are seeking to grow their businesses via expanding into the Asia Pacific region. In order to successfully seize a slice of this growing market, it is important for the various manufacturers to understand...

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