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27 Mar 2009  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Indian LCD Panel Market

This study analyses the Indian market to identify opportunities available; when setting up a LCD panel manufacturing facility, from a demand perspective.

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22 Sep 2005  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Assessment of Asian Photonics Markets

The characteristics of the photonics market have been discussed in detail in addition to the trends in the Asian photonics market. New applications of the photonics products are expanding the market and are driving the demand. Growth in the end-user segments like telecommunications, computer hardware, flat panel displays in television and other con...

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This study covers trends and forecast for the Brazilian electronics and semiconductors industry for the period 1999 to 2007. Political, policy and economic trends affecting the industry are summarized in terms of national competitive advantage analysis and SWOT analysis.

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27 Sep 2001  |  

Card Payment Industry

Takes a look at the payment industry worldwide. Comprises a set of tables looking at the changing payment methods and a forecast of what the future of payment will be in the next few years. Will compare Paper Vs Plastics, Debit Vs Credit, and Magnetic Stripe Vs Smart Cards among other things.

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