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18 Apr 2014  |  North America

Future of Cloud Computing Technologies in Enterprises in the United States and Europe

Opportunities in the 5 Key Markets from a Customer Perspective

The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making-behavior toward IT technologies, specifically cloud computing. More than half of US and European respondents currently using cloud technologies find cloud computing technologies to be highly effective, which indicates that exposure to these technologies can lead...

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05 Aug 2014  |  North America

The Future of IT in the Manufacturing IndustryUnited States and Europe

An End User Perspective

The main research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behaviour toward information technology (IT) within the manufacturing sector. Overall, companies from the manufacturing industry are avid users of many enterprise and communications technologies. They are the top users of consumer and business grade softphones, uni...

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23 May 2014  |  North America

The Future of IT in the Healthcare Industry from an IT Decision Maker Perspective

Healthcare Opportunities in the United States and Europe.

The overall objective of this research service was to measure the current and future decision-making behavior toward IT technologies within the healthcare industry, specifically audio conferencing, business-grade and consumer softphones, headsets, Internet protocol telephony, time-division multiplexing phones, unified communications, video, and Web...

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09 Jul 2014  |  North America

High Security Risk Technologies Impacting IT Decision MakersUnited States and Europe

Opportunities for Network Security Technologies Providers

The overall research objective of this research was to measure the current use and future decision-making behavior toward information technology (IT), specifically network security technologies. Cloud computing is expected to grow rapidly across verticals and tablet usage is on the rise in the workplace. Both create a greater security risk in the o...

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12 Mar 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution Market 2013

The Increase in Highly Motivated Attacks Drives the Market

The advanced persistent threat (APT) solution market in Asia-Pacific region is still at a nascent stage in 2013. As such, the market is estimated to be relatively small at present. This is despite the market buzz and hype surrounding APTs and their impact on the enterprise environment. The actual adoption of APT solutions remains low, and this is p...

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13 Feb 2014  |  Africa

South African Data Centre Market

Cloud Computing Set to Drive the Next Wave of Growth

The South African data centre market is fast maturing, and it is viewed by service providers as an exciting market with endless opportunities. Companies are seeking to transform from a capital expenditure model to operating expenditure model by reducing their total cost of ownership. The result has, therefore, been a more prominent move towards dat...

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28 Oct 2014  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Brazilian Total Telecommunications Services Market

Revenue Growing Below Inflation Indicates a Consolidation Trend

This study covers the state of the Brazilian telecommunication markets, examining drivers and restraints for growth, technology, regulation, demand, and geographical trends. In the study, the market growth for Brazilian telecommunication market segments is forecasted. An in-depth analysis of the competitive situation and market share of telecommuni...

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