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29 Dec 2015  |  Asia Pacific

2015 Malaysia Technology Penetration Database

Side-impact Airbags to have Progressive Penetration Until 2022

This research service is a database presenting the penetration levels of various technologies in Malaysian automotive market. The technologies discussed include turbocharged engine, engine start-stop system, electronic parking brake, blind spot detection, side-impact airbags, night vision, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. The st...

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03 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Impact of Policies Shaping ASEAN Healthcare—Outlook till 2020

Policies Raising Standards and Lowering Barriers Across ASEAN

The research service provides an analysis of the policies impacting the healthcare market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It includes the current trends, market size, revenue forecast, and market drivers and restraints. Healthcare market participants and key opinion leaders were interviewed to obtain their perception about tr...

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14 Jul 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Opportunity Analysis for Smart Water Metering in Asia-Pacific

Need for Non-Revenue Water Reduction Remains the Key Driver for Smart Meter Adoption in Developing Countries

The major threats for the water industry in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that may necessitate significant adoption of smart grid solutions are water scarcity, aging infrastructure, population growth and urbanization, and climate change. The developing economies in APAC including India, China, and Indonesia are suffering from a vicious cycle of non-revenue w...

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20 May 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Market for Polymers in Medical Devices

Functional Attributes of Polymers are Key to Drive Market Growth

Plastics currently form one of the most important components of the medical device industry. Medical device designers and engineers are increasingly preferring plastic to conventional materials, such as metal and glass, because of its superior flexibility in the fabrication process. Commodity thermoplastics dominate the market followed by thermopla...

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23 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Offshore Oil and Gas Services Market

Feasibility of Venturing into Deeper Water Amid Declining Oil Prices

The offshore oil and gas (O&G) services market is witnessing uncertainty amid the global slump in crude oil price that started in H2, 2014 affecting economies and several industries. Major international and national oil companies have resorted to controlling their capital investments and laying off employees to reduce expenses. The highest level of...

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17 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Australian Pressurised Irrigation Systems Market

New Agricultural Projects and Increased Automation to Drive Market Growth

This research service provides insight into the pressurised irrigation systems market in Australia. It looks at the overall size and growth rates of the market and discusses key market drivers and restraints. In addition, it provides segmentation breakdowns by irrigation system types, components, and end-use verticals, which include agriculture, ho...

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05 Mar 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Feeding the Rising DragonAttractive Acquisition Opportunities for Chinese Industrial Valve Manufacturers in the F&B Industry

As China Overtakes the US to Become the Largest F&B Industry, Valve Manufacturers Find Unique Growth Opportunities

Food companies are set to employ energy-efficient valves to ensure increased energy optimization. This market insight uses the Competitive Advantage and Market Positioning (CAMP) tool to evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions inside the market for industrial valves in the Chinese food and beverage industry. The CAMP tool uses several metrics f...

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03 Mar 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Fueling the Thirsty DragonAttractive Acquisition Opportunities in the Chinese Industrial Valve Market in Oil and Gas and Chemicals Industries

As China Focuses on Energy Independence and Develops Shale Resources, Natural Gas Offers Bright Future Prospects

This research service uses the competitive advantage and market positioning (CAMP) tool to evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions with Chinese companies in the industrial valves market in the oil and gas and chemicals industries. The CAMP tool uses several metrics to analyze various market participants and plots them within a matrix. The subse...

USD 2,450.00
23 Feb 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Chinas Clean Energy RevolutionAttractive Acquisition Opportunities in the Chinese Industrial Valves Market in the Power Industry

As China Moves Toward Cleaner Energy, Valve Manufacturers Need to Focus on a New Set of Growth Opportunities

This research service analyzes current and future trends in the Chinese industrial valves market. Analysis is based on different end-user industries, and the impact of various market drivers, restraints, and challenges. The research uses the Competitive Advantage And Market Positioning (CAMP) tool to evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions with...

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20 Feb 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Australia and New Zealand Enclosures Market

Growth in Infrastructure and Construction Investment Drives Demand

Enclosures are used across a range of end-user sectors. The development of end-users directly affects enclosure demand. In Australia and New Zealand, market revenue declined between 2012 and 2014 due to reduced capital expenditure in key end-user sectors such as power, utilities, and mining. Revenue will return to normalized growth in 2015, driven ...

USD 2,450.00

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