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18 Dec 2012  |  Europe

Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities in Networks and Treatment Plants of European Water Utilities

Opportunities Emerge for Product Suppliers in the Allied Fields of Energy and Automation

This study provides an analysis of the carbon footprint reduction opportunities of water and wastewater treatment plants and networks, with a focus on the European region. The reduction of a carbon footprint is an emerging global Mega Trend, due to the inherent footprint of the infrastructure and additionally because of the increasing energy consum...

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09 Oct 2012  |  Europe

European Nuclear Power Sector - Trends and Opportunities

Despite Fukushima, Nuclear will Play an Active Role in Europe's Energy Mix

Meeting energy needs while achieving security of supply and minimising carbon emissions are key challenges facing most countries. Although nuclear is gaining support in Europe, its significance varies among European countries. While some states are not willing to take risks and are opposed to nuclear (such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium...

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04 Oct 2012  |  North America

Healthcare Landscape, Outlook, and Growth Opportunities in Mexico 2011-2015

Inclusion Policies for Universal Coverage Boost Healthcare Market

The purpose of this study is to analyze the Mexican healthcare system, comprising the following segments: pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare IT, medical imaging, and clinical diagnostics. Revenue figures and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2011 to 2015 will be will be examined and compared to the rest of Lati...

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This study introduces the Mega Trends influencing the global automatic identification and data capture market. The market is segmented into radio frequency identification, biometrics, and barcodes. Market valuations and revenue forecasts are provided along with key industry trends, technology trends, and end-user and vertical market trends. Global...

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13 Jun 2012  |  Global

The Impact of Health and Wellness on Products and Services

Move towards Preventative Care

This study provides overview of the Mega Trends that are likely to have an impact on the health and wellness of the patient world in 2020. The four interlinked scenariosgo green, digital backbone, personalised healthcare, and openness and transparency - have been discussed. These four have been shortlisted among the others because greener products...

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25 May 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Chinese Energy Forecast for 2020

Renewables Development is the Solution to the Looming Energy Crisis

This study defines and discusses mega trends that would influence energy demand in China. An overview and analyses are provided concerning the energy consumption, the installed energy capacity, and the key power generation stations in China. Based on the current installed capacity, plans for future power generation infrastructures and future power ...

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17 May 2012  |  Europe

Smart Grids in Europe - Identification of Key Growth Opportunities

Demand for High Quality Power, and Increasing Focus on Energy Efficiency is Driving the Market

The past 2-3 years have witnessed an increasing interest in smart grids and smart energy. Smart meters are considered to be the first step towards smart grid implementation. The smart meter rollout in Europe is well underway, boosted by the European Union legislation to achieve 80 percent coverage by 2020. Sweden and Italy had full scale penetratio...

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08 May 2012  |  North America

U.S. Energy Challenges for 2020

Evaluating the Problem and Understanding the Possible Solutions

A growing population and improved economic conditions in the United States will raise energy consumption during the next decade. The U.S. goal of energy independence, the concern for unmet energy demand, and the growing awareness of the environmental impact of high consumption are the leading drivers behind growing interest in net-zero buildings an...

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07 May 2012  |  Global

Smart Buildings: Integration into Smart Grids and Smart Cities

Technology and Infrastructure are Making Buildings Smarter

Smart buildings are an integral part of the future of building technologies. Over the course of this decade, several factors are expected to promote the development of smart buildings. The market will be fuelled by the need for energy efficiency and decreasing operational costs. Revenues are highest in North America and Europe. However, certain tec...

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23 Apr 2012  |  Global

Global Positive Displacement Pumps Market

Asia Pacific set to become the key region for PD pumps market

This research service identifies the major industry challenges, market drivers and restraints and key trends in technology, pricing and distribution for the global positive displacement pumps market. This research service provides comprehensive forecasts for the global positive displacement pumps market, across the three products segments - rotary ...

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