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24 Sep 2013  |  Global

Global Military Naval Vessels and SIS Market Assessment

Frigate Segment will Generate the Highest Market Potential for the Naval Shipbuilding Companies

The research service indicates that despite the global economic crisis, the military naval vessels and SIS market is relatively immune from the austerity measures that have been implemented in many countries. North America continues to be the biggest market for military naval vessel suppliers. However, the highest percentage growth for the market w...

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09 Aug 2013  |  Global

Global Mass Transport Security Market Assessment

Insurance and Security Strongly Influence the Adoption of Security Systems

This research service discusses the market trends, market drivers and restraints, and impact of the drivers and restraints. It provides revenue projections and an overview of key market participants in the global mass transport security market. The major mass transport elements covered in this research study are bus and train stations, buses and ro...

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05 Aug 2013  |  North America

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Budget Assessment 2014

The Year of Sequestration

The US Department of Homeland Security bears a heavy burden budgeting for its lengthy list of agencies. Sequestration and a sluggish economy have made Secretary Janet Napolitanos job even more difficult. Some of the major funding requirements include new cutters, patrol boats, and an ice breaker for the Coast Guard, along with funds to keep airfra...

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29 Jul 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the U.S. DoD and Civil Helicopter Markets

The Civil Market Flourishes as the Defense Market Suffers from Budget Pressures

As the DoD's discretionary spending continues to decrease, upgrading and/or remanufacturing helicopters has gained favour over developing entirely new rotorcraft systems. However, a modest global economic recovery following the great recession and a limited supply of used airframes have resulted in a significant increase in new US civil helicopter...

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23 Jul 2013  |  Europe

Revenue Opportunity and Stakeholder Mapping in the Turkish Defence Market

Modernisation and Localisation Drive the Turkish Defence Market

Turkeys unique geo-strategic position, as the most eastern member state of the NATO, continues to influence the countrys defence procurement policies, and Turkeys defence budget continues to rise. In order to encourage domestic defence production, the Turkish defence market will be increasingly difficult for foreign companies to penetrate, conse...

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12 Jul 2013  |  North America

US Department of Defense (DoD) Healthcare Budget2014

Is DoD Healthcare a Potential Fiscal Time Bomb?

Department of Defense (DoD) spending on healthcare for military personnel and retirees has, of late, received significant criticism. Due largely to Congressional actions, healthcare costs have been climbing, and three successive Secretaries of Defense have identified these costs as the most significant item beyond their control. This research servi...

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11 Jul 2013  |  Europe

Global In-flight Entertainment Market Assessment

The Always Connected Aircraft is Changing its Market Dynamics

This research covers the global In-Flight Entertainment market for commercial aviation from 2011 to 2020 and analyses the three main in-flight entertainment segments that are hardware, content and connectivity. Driving and restraining factors such as operating costs, technological advancements and regulations that have an impact on IFE spending ...

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10 Jul 2013  |  Global

Advances in 3D Non-Contact Measurement Technologies for Manufacturing (Technical Insights)

Nine Dimensional Technology Assessment of Need for Production Efficiency in Manufacturing

With inspection technologies playing a crucial role in manufacturing industry, need for high quality and streamlined production processes propels advances in the industry. Development of advanced measurement technologies in diverse production environment are driven by the need to improve production efficiency to deliver high quality products at aff...

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03 Jul 2013  |  Global

Innovations in Multi-material Joining Technologies (Technical Insights)

Nine Dimensional Technology Assessment

The increasing emphasis on lightweight products has led companies to seek alternative for lightweight materials. The focus of organizations is oriented towards joining of materials, as it is turning out to be a challenging task. The automotive industry has shown strong interest in multimaterial joining technologies, as it enables them to reduce fue...

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13 Jun 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Russian Security Market

Developing Local Partnerships is Paramount to Success

This market insight discusses the current security situation in Russia. The risks and threats are examined; the measures being taken by the Russian Government to counter the same are identified (for example, The National Security Strategy). Infrastructure developments are also discussed (including rail, power, ports and airports). The market insigh...

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