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31 Dec 2013  |  Global

Materials and Sensors for Renewable Energy (Technical Insights)

Optimizing Design for Enhanced Performance

This research service report presents insights on nine dimensions of materials and sensors technologies for renewable energy, highlighting their penetration, opportunities and prospects, and roadmap till the year 2020.

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27 Dec 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of European and North American Energy Efficient Insulation Systems Market

Dynamic Building Energy Codes and Directives will Spur Growth

This research service analyzes the energy efficient insulation systems market by covering two core segments: External Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) and Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). The key drivers and restraints related to the total market have been detailed in this study, and unit shipments and revenue forecasts have been given for each s...

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27 Dec 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Mining Lubricant Market in Australia

Lubricants Driving Efficiency in the Australian Mining Industry

The research methodology for this research service is a combined effort of secondary research and intensive primary research through in-depth discussions with industry experts. The Australian mining lubricant market experienced steady growth from 2010 to 2012 driven by the strong mining activities. The decreasing mining commodity prices in the glob...

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27 Dec 2013  |  Global

Innovations in Energy Savings Coatings (Technical Insights)

Coatings Facilitating Energy Conservation and Promoting Sustainability

This research service brings out the strategic developments in the energy saving coatings landscape on a global scale. With increase in sustainability initiatives along with current influence of several environmental or green regulations has created an opportunity for coating manufacturers to develop energy saving coatings that can conserve energy ...

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26 Dec 2013  |  Global

Emerging Trends in Bioactives for Personal Care (Technical Insights)

Driving Opportunity to “Look Good and Feel Good” using bioactives

The research service focuses on the emerging trends and opportunities in the bioactive ingredients within the personal care industry worldwide. The bioactive industry has gained focus and momentum in recent years mainly due to advancement of technologies, increased awareness of common people on beauty and safety and their preference on natural ing...

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12 Dec 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Palm Oil Market Outlook to 2020

Sustainability is a Key Challenge Restricting Market Growth

Crude palm oil (CPO) has grown from strength-to-strength in the last two decades, now representing one-third of the vegetable oil market. Growth has largely been driven by consumption in the emerging markets such as China and India. New demand markets in the last decade, such as biodiesel, have also played a major role regarding consumption trends....

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05 Dec 2013  |  North America

Moist Wound Care Specialty Ingredients Market

New Product Formulation is Expected to Generate Growth Opportunities

This Market Insight provides a qualitative analysis of the opportunities for specialty ingredients in the global moist wound care market. An overview of the specialty moist wound care ingredients market, market drivers and restraints, and demand analysis have been provided. Topics also include volume and revenue forecasts, trends by synthetic and n...

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05 Dec 2013  |  Global

Innovations in Encapsulation Technologies for Printed Electronics (Technical Insights)

9 Dimensional Analysis--Preventing Degradation of Organic Electronics with Reliable Encapsulation

Printed electronics has resulted in cheaper manufacturing of electronic devices. Moreover by using plastic substrates, flexible electronics can also be printed. With printed electronics, devices such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes(OLEDs) and Organic Photo Voltaic(OPV) has potential to change display, lighting and energy harvesting applications la...

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03 Dec 2013  |  Europe

Analysis of Organic and Natural Ingredients Market in Western Europe for Home and Personal Care

Quest for a Green Economy Drives Growth in the Emerging Market

This research service provides a detailed analysis of the organic and natural ingredients market in Western Europe for home care and personal care ingredients segments. The study period is 2009 to 2017. The scope of the study covers 5 product groups under home care  surfactants, fabric enhancers, enzymes, rheology modifiers, and disinfectants and ...

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29 Nov 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Market for Plastics in Medical Devices

Commodity Plastics Will Continue to Dominate

The research service on Asia-Pacific market for plastics in medical devices analyses the PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, silicone, polystyrene, thermoplastic elastomers, and engineering and high-performance polymers. The research service covers the SEA and ANZ regions. It provides the revenue and unit shipment forecast from 2009 to 2017 and also ...

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