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This research service report presents analyses on the market penetration of carbon capture and storage technologies. Subsequently, a technology roadmap until the year 2025 is projected.

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27 Dec 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Produced Water Market Analysis in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries

Innovative Technologies Will See Greater Adoption

The Produced Water treatment market in GCC countries has immense growth potential amid an increasing oil and gas output and ageing oil and gas fields. Ageing oil and gas fields, increased level of production, regulations for effluent disposal, socio economic stability, and water demand are the key driving factors for this market. The study period i...

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24 Dec 2013  |  Global

Global Waste to Energy Plant Market

Market Fueled by Legislation and Energy Security

This research service provides an analysis of the global waste to energy (WTE) plant market for the period 20092016, with a detailed breakdown of new plants, modernisation works, and also operation and maintenance services segments. The study looks at the WTE aspect of municipal solid waste (MSW) management and covers the incineration technology s...

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18 Dec 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Smart Water Metering Market

Market Success Requires Finely-tuned Regional Strategies

Smart water metering shows great potential in the global market, but vendors must be aware of regional end-user needs to relate benefits. Levels of technological sophistication and data analysis work differently in various regions due to environmental, regulatory, and utility factors. When correctly priced and brought to market, there are strong dr...

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17 Dec 2013  |  Global

World LED Lighting Markets (2013 Update)

Government Initiatives and Declining Prices are Driving the High Growth

The key challenges that the LED lighting market face are the prevalence of alternate technologies and high initial investment. Raising awareness amidst residential end users, financing projects, and leasing and maintenance of lighting solutions in the professional lighting market can tackle these challenges and provide untapped opportunities. End u...

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10 Dec 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Indian Automatic Door Systems Market

Construction Growth Encourages Technology Upgrades of Automatic Doors to Target Niche Applications

Soaring investments flowing through hospitality, retail, commerical and healthcare sectors construction activities in India are opening up opportunities for smart entrance doors. Growing awareness about energy efficiency and environmental impact on using automatic doors have resulted in wide acceptance in residential sectors as well as educational...

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04 Dec 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Facilities Management Market in the Healthcare Sector in Australia

Increased Demand for Healthcare Services to Impact Facilities Management

This research service focuses on the facilities management (FM) market in the healthcare sector in Australian. The healthcare sector in Australia is stable and structured within Asia-Pacific (APAC), creating many business opportunities in healthcare for overseas investors across various segments such as pharmaceuticals, clinical research, medical d...

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03 Dec 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Smart Homes in Asia-Pacific—A CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Building Homes Beyond Green

Residential buildings in Asia-Pacific will continue to evolve and it will be directly affected by the growth in population and urbanization rate, as well as development of new cities and new economic zones. Smart homes will emphasize on eco-friendly building materials in addition to the deployment of energy saving devices and information and commun...

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28 Nov 2013  |  Europe

European Lighting Control Systems Market

Fast Growth Stimulated by Technology Convergence, Smart Buildings, and Energy Efficiency

The European lighting control systems market is poised for a period of strong growth. Driven by energy efficiency needs, LED lighting penetration, and the on-going emergence of smart buildings, Frost & Sullivan expects the next 5 years to witness intensified competition. This will be accompanied by a period of technology convergence that will also ...

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27 Nov 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the North American Integrated Facility Management Market

Creating Efficiencies through Economies of Scope

Historically, facility management organizations supplied services in-house with minimal outside support. Now, companies seek to deploy additional resources to increase client value and focus on core competencies. This study covers firms in Canada and the US that offer 2 or more facilities management services under 1 contract. The research includes ...

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