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16 May 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of Unitary HVAC Systems in India

Immense Growth Opportunity for New Entrants

The unitary HVAC systems market in India has immense growth potential due to the low level of market penetration, growing purchasing power, increased electricity coverage, and improving lifestyle. Growing middle class households, high summer temperatures, improving energy efficiency, and easy financing options are acting as drivers to the market. T...

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14 Nov 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Indian Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

Desalination and Recycle and Reuse Systems to Dominate the Market

This research service discusses how the high population and urbanization of India is putting severe pressure on Indias water resources. Ground water and fresh water are the major resources of India and both are not adequate to meet the growing demand from various sectors. These sectors include agriculture, industry, and domestic use. This situatio...

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06 Jun 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Building Construction Market in Asia-Pacific

Cities to Thrive as New Edge Buildings Go Green and Energy Efficient

This research studies the growing market for building construction in the Asia-Pacific, and it discusses the key trends and opportunities such as green and smart buildings. The fundamental factors driving and restraining this market are examined along with a forecast of the market revenue for the residential and non-residential segments from 2014-2...

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17 Jul 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic and Innovation Priorities for Australian Water UtilitiesA CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Further Reforms May Remain Unclear as Multiple Advancements in the Water Industry Continue

This research service focuses on the growth and improvement potentials of the Australian water industry and water utilities. This water industry is highly fragmented, with several small and medium-sized participants. Furthermore, the water industry is different by state/territory. Australias urban water sectors administrative arrangements vary by...

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15 May 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Country Benchmarking: Climate Change Recalibrates the Water Industry in Asia-PacificA CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Extreme Weather Conditions Renew Cooperation between Water Companies and Governments

This research service focuses on the current practices of countries in Asia-Pacific in fighting climate change with respect to the water industry. Some of the most prevalent issues in climate change are intense rainfall that causes severe flooding, and extreme dry weather or drought. In both extremities, the water industry is affected. This study ...

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22 Aug 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Country Benchmarking: Climate Change Remodels the Buildings Industry in Asia-Pacific

Buildings Hold the Key Answers to Combat Climate Change

This research service discusses the role of the buildings industry in fighting climate change in Asia-Pacific. Climate change is believed to cause the severe weather occurrences that cause disruptions and losses to socio-economic activities. Affected industries include the buildings industry. Buildings consume a considerable amount of electricity t...

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17 Sep 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Produced Water Treatment Market in Southeast Asia

Ageing Oilfields and Boost in Oil Production will Sustain Market Growth

The produced water (PW) treatment market in Southeast Asia is currently facing challenges such as high cost in intensive technologies, lack of knowledge on produced water management and public acceptance towards treatment technologies. However, increase in oil production, ageing oilfields, stringent effluent discharge regulations and water conserva...

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13 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Facilities Management Market in Australia

Adoption of IFM and Advanced Technology Solutions Will Boost Market Development

The current slowdown in the mining sector and significant reduction in budgets across public sector agencies will have a dampening effect on FM demand. The Australian FM market is driven primarily by construction activity levels, demand for maintenance and refurbishment services, and a strong case for outsourcing. This study uses Frost & Sullivan's...

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03 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Best Practices in Green Hospitality and Its Future Prospects in Southeast AsiaA CEO's 360-Degree Perspective

Green Tourism to Spur Adoption of Eco-Sustainable Practices by Accommodation Facilities

Buildings are one of the leading carbon emitters with hotels contributing 15% to 20% of the emissions. In Southeast Asia, green hospitality is often considered only as the compliance of hotels with green building standards. However, it also encompasses other specific operational aspects. Green hospitality is likely to benefit from approximately 15%...

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24 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Water & Wastewater Treatment Market in the Australian Resources Sector

Cost-and Treatment-efficient Equipment Will Prevail as OPEX Continues to Rise

This research service outlines future prospects in the water and wastewater treatment (WWWT) market in the Australian resources sector along with its key trends and opportunities. The challenges this market is currently faces are high mining cost, labor shortage, and lack of access to infrastructure in the resources sector. However, the market driv...

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