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20 Nov 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment in India

The Demand for Efficiency and Sustainability is Creating Opportunities for Water Industry

Increasing economic activities, infrastructure growth, and declining water quantity and quality are driving the demand for water and wastewater treatment systems in the industrial sector. Increasing globalization is affecting the quality of water being used in the process industries and encouraging adherence to wastewater disposal regulations. Thes...

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23 Jun 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Opportunities in the Fire Extinguishers Market in India

The Role of the Fire Extinguisher: A Product to Combat Fires or an Object of Neglect

Investments in fire and safety have long been neglected and perceived unnecessary in India due to a lack of return on investment in the market. Today, however, due to growing urbanization and increasing level of income, increased awareness of fire and safety is necessary in order to protect assets and safeguard lives. Accordingly, investments from ...

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22 Jul 2014  |  Global

Transformational Trends in the Global Building Energy Management Solutions Industry

The Convergence of Technology and Competition Will Drive Next-generation Solutions

With high energy prices and an increasing focus on sustainability, the building energy management (BEM) industry is increasingly deploying innovative and intelligent technology to optimise energy usage and enhance the efficiency of buildings and companies. This market insight explores the transformation of the BEM industry in the context of the 5 ...

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27 Aug 2014  |  Global

Emerging Particpants and New Entrants in the Energy Management Market

Innovative and Nimble Firms Increasingly Driving the Pace of Change in the Global Energy Management Industry

Emerging participants that are both nimble and innovative will increasingly drive the pace of technology change in the BEM industry. Their partnerships with utilities, FM companies, and EM consultancies will aid expansion across geographies. Demand response and supply chain management solutions along with BEM solutions on the cloud will enable dyna...

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01 Aug 2014  |  Asia Pacific

More Than Just Being Green—A Sustainability Perspective in the Asia-Pacific Green Buildings Market

Green Buildings Must Shift Focus from Quantity to Quality

This document focus on the sustainability issues in the green buildings market in Asia-Pacific. Green buildings must be environmentally sustainable and remain green in their entire lifecycle. The key issue beyond the creation of a green building is the sustainability of the green status and functionality of the green aspects in that building. In or...

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24 Jan 2014  |  Global

Opportunities and Implications for Indoor Energy Harvesting

Building Automation Systems will Drive the Indoor EH Market

Indoor energy harvesting (EH) faces commercialization challenges as new EH technologies emerge to address solutions for potential applications inside buildings. The building automation systems (BAS) market is an opportunity growth area for the indoor EH market. End users in North America, such as education and government buildings, and in end users...

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19 Mar 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Analysis of the Indian Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Services Market

A Perspective on Growth Opportunities

The private market insight talks about the MEP industry in India; estimates the market size, opportunity areas, drivers and restraints, key challenges, and success factors.

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03 Apr 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting Opportunities in Singapore

Increasing Rainfall Boosts Interest in Flood Mitigation and Utilization of Rainwater

This study focuses on the highlights in the rainwater and stormwater harvesting market in Singapore. Singapore has a well-developed water industry, but insufficient natural water resources. Water sustainability and security are priorities for its socio-economic growth. Several international and local water companies are participants in this water i...

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