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25 Nov 2014  |  North America

Global Pumps Market in the Oil and Gas Industry

Exploration and Production from Unconventional Oil and Gas Sources Will Likely Boost Pump Technology

This research service analyzes current and future trends in the global pumps market in the oil and gas industry. Analysis is based on end users and product types and is segmented by centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Various market drivers and restraints and any challenges and their impact over time are discussed. This research outlines t...

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29 Oct 2014  |  Africa

An Overview of the South African National Development Plan 2030 and the Industrial Policy Action Plan

Implications of Domestic and Foreign Investors

All economic and development strategies, even if pre-existing the National Development Plan (NDP), now fall under the NDP umbrella. Aligned with the NDP objectives to achieve sustainable growth and to combat unemployment, the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) envisions how to reverse industrial decline in general, but specifically in 19 sectors ...

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29 Jul 2014  |  North America

BRICs LTE InsightBRICs LTE Market Development Analysis

BRICs Take a Quantum Leap in LTE Deployments

This Frost & Sullivan report will provide insight and analysis related to the development and deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Despite the fact that BRIC countries will be a bit slow out of the gate in terms of LTE subscriber adoption, Frost & Sullivan expects the pace to pick up in the la...

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18 Dec 2014  |  Africa

The Telecommunications Market in Southern AfricaKey Fixed and Mobile Market Indicators

Mature Market to Experience Market Consolidation

This research service provides an analysis of the Southern African telecommunications market. It focuses on providing data for fixed, mobile, and Internet subscriber numbers and penetration rates for each country within the region. A discussion of emerging market trends is provided, highlighting the entrance of the international submarine cables, t...

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21 Jan 2014  |  Europe

Next Generation Education

Visual Collaboration Vendor Insight

Frost & Sullivan's on-going research into the video conferencing services market identified education as one of the key vertical industries for growth of video conferencing infrastructure and endpoints. Virtual learning is on the technology road-maps of most educational institutions and is a key enabler of highly popular distance learning courses. ...

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14 Mar 2014  |  Europe

The Future of Mobile Authentication

Strengthening Identity Assurance without End-user Inconvenience

Although information and network security vendors have emphasised the need to move away from passwords to more sophisticated authentication methods, password breaches continue to be everyday news. Advances in mobile authentication products will address this challenge, and provide high security levels and greater end-user experience. Frost & Sulliva...

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11 Mar 2014  |  Global

Trusted Service Management

A Necessary Value-Add?

Banks and financial institutions are progressing from a contact-based to a contactless mobile-centred secured authorisation of payments for their customers, while the TSM projects are making a mark in providing the trust infrastructure with a third party operator handling everything from customer credentials lifecycle management to card provisionin...

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11 Mar 2014  |  Europe

The Role of ICT in Building Smart Cities - Infrastructure

Connectivity, Cloud-based Analytics, and Open Data to be Key Enablers of Future Urban Growth

An increasing urban population drives the need for more efficient asset and resource management to ensure high-quality living to citizens. The smart city transformation is fuelled by technology advancements and the deployment of intelligence and information management systems. This study investigates how ICT can help urban communities to realise su...

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25 Feb 2014  |  Europe

Connected Health and eGovernment for Smarter Cities

Exploring the Current Landscape and Future Opportunities

Thus far, the focus of smart city-related studies has been mainly on mobility, energy, and the effective use of resources; few have addressed healthcare and government. This research tackles these two areas; it seeks to explore how connected health and eGovernment can contribute to building smart cities and improving the lives of citizens. In the h...

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16 Dec 2014  |  Europe

Remote Patient Monitoring Market in Europe

Exploring Opportunities for ICT Providers

Healthcare systems in Europe are strained because of an ageing population and an increasing number of chronic disease patients. This causes tremendous cost pressures to shift from acute-care settings to lower-cost settings—including a patient’s home. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology can help with this shift. This research service anal...

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