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Overview and discussion of the top themes from the RSNA 2014 Annual Meeting, with a focus on the vendor Exhibit Floor.

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22 Dec 2014  |  Europe

Analysis of European Market Potential for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology for Passenger Vehicles

SCR After-treatment is Key Exhaust Strategy to Reduce 90% of NOx Emissions

This research service focuses on the European market for diesel engine after-treatment technology. It specifically focuses on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and the various results achieved by its implementation by different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The study provides key market breakdowns, trends, drivers, restraint...

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As the Wearables sector continues to explode in interest in the healthcare space in terms of potential hard benefit to consumers, providers, and vendors across the value chain of connected healthcare, areas are expanding in launches besides that of activity tracking. The following Vital Signs presents analyst discussion regarding brain wearables in...

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19 Dec 2014  |  Global

Accelerating US ManufacturingTop 50 Game Changers Impacting the Manufacturing and Production Sector

Strategic Analysis of the Top Manufacturing Software Game Changers

The top 50 game changers in manufacturing and production analysis identifies companies that are driving next-generation manufacturing best practices. Frost & Sullivan has scrutinized more than 100 companies, products, technologies, solutions, and services in the manufacturing software category with a focus on which of them would have the greatest i...

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18 Dec 2014  |  Africa

The Telecommunications Market in Southern AfricaKey Fixed and Mobile Market Indicators

Mature Market to Experience Market Consolidation

This research service provides an analysis of the Southern African telecommunications market. It focuses on providing data for fixed, mobile, and Internet subscriber numbers and penetration rates for each country within the region. A discussion of emerging market trends is provided, highlighting the entrance of the international submarine cables, t...

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18 Dec 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market

Collaboration Convergence and Mobile-first Focus Lead to New Market Synergies

The global web conferencing market is being transformed by the ongoing evolution of the workplace. A renewed focus on application convergence and strong mobile-first initiatives are resulting in groundbreaking technology shifts that are empowering users with greater productivity benefits than ever before. The move from audio-only meetings to web an...

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18 Dec 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Global Telecom Consumer Market Trends

Benchmarking/Case Studies and Strategies for Growth

The research aims at understanding consumer market trends, benchmarking current offerings, and case studies from global perspective, however, in the context of Telekom Malaysia. The company is the leader in consumer broadband and wholesale services. The study starts from context from Telekom Malaysia and explains convergence of telco services (fixe...

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18 Dec 2014  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Utilities Infrastructure Security  Market 2014

Global Appetite for Energy and Water Fuels Growth in Infrastructure Security

The increasing global appetite for energy is driving investment in the utilities infrastructure security market. Critical infrastructure is expensive and involves high-value construction projects. However, costs differ widely between regions and depend significantly upon risk. Also, the cost of securing these sites varies depending on threat percep...

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18 Dec 2014  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of Future Battery Chemistries for Electric Vehicles in Europe and North America

Li-S to Emerge as a Top Alternative to Li-ion Post 2020

This strategic insight covers the adoption of different battery chemistries and their types by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers over the next 10–15 years. Although a number of alternative chemistries in EV batteries are emerging, the most probable candidates have been identified as lithium sulfur, zinc air, and lithium air. The study analyses ...

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17 Dec 2014  |  Global

Commercial Flight Training and Simulation Market

Meeting the Pilot Shortage Challenge For Now

This report analyses the commercial flight training and simulation market, which is in a significant state of flux. The demand for air-transport aircraft is increasing on a global scale; however, the number of pilots in the pipeline is actually decreasing. Regionally, the capability to train new pilots exists in areas that do not have a strong dema...

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