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23 Dec 2014  |  Global

The GIL-100 Vendor Sales and Investment Attractiveness IndicesManufacturing

Country Attractiveness for Manufacturing

Where should one invest or sell in the aftermath of the global economic slowdown of 2008 and in the on-going European debt crisis? While rich countries have shown very slow growth rates, emerging markets have shown much greater resilience. To increase profitability, either new markets could be found to increase sales, or new opportunities to invest...

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30 Sep 2014  |  Global

Dynamics of Wireless Standards in the Global Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Market

ISA 100 vs. WirelessHART: Convergence or Encapsulation?

Wireless sensors are scalable and offer easy integration into planned networks for process diagnostics and optimization. However, the ecosystem is highly influenced by communication protocol developers in the industrial market segment. This study covers the global wireless sensor networks market including challenges, drivers and restraints, and for...

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26 Jun 2014  |  Global

Manufacturing Survey on Innovation

A new, exclusive survey reveals that manufacturers are focused on creating new products and services but are not well-disciplined in the management of the innovation process itself.

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