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24 Dec 2015  |  North America

Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Global Tapes Market

Innovation Drives Specialty Tapes Revenue

Within the global tapes market, the food and beverage, packaging, medical, and automotive industries are the largest consumers, while the electronic and construction industries are the fastest growing. In established markets such as North America and Western Europe, growth in many sectors has stagnated due to an over-supply of tapes, leaving niche ...

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24 Dec 2015  |  Global

Innovations in Anti Corrosion Technologies for Offshore Structures (TechVision)

Disruptive Innovations in Anti-corrosion Technologies for Increasing Service Life of Offshore Structures

The market for anti-corrosion technologies, especially coatings for offshore structures has gained momentum in recent years mainly due to the demand for effective and sustained protection for increased service life and reduced operating cost of offshore structures. The recent boom in the oil and gas sector, especially in North America is driving gr...

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23 Dec 2015  |  Global

Material Technologies Driving Future of Automotive (TechVision)

Materials changes will enable reductions in emissions and fuel burn

The automotive industry in recent years has shown increasing interest in the development of lighter body/chassis materials, to reduce both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, such lighter materials must meet the high expectations of car builders, regulators and vehicle customers/drivers, to be fully successful on a comm...

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22 Dec 2015  |  Global

Emerging Thermal Barrier Coating Technologies in Turbines

New Trends in Materials and Deposition Methods Open Up Opportunities for Next-generation Thermal Barrier Coatings in Turbines

Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are key protective coatings that protect turbine components from oxidation and corrosion. These coatings also increase the durability and reliability of turbine engines by offering enhanced wear protection and prevent degradation due to extreme temperatures. As the industries increase their focus toward improving pe...

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17 Dec 2015  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Polyols Market

Growing Customer Preference for Superior Quality and Durable Polyurethane Products to Boost Revenue

The key product segments covered in this research service are polyether and polyester polyols. Key trends in the natural oil polyols market have also been included. Regional-level splits of polyol consumption in flexible foam, rigid foam, and coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers applications have also been provided for each segment. The se...

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16 Dec 2015  |  North America

Analysis of Wood Coatings Market in NA and Europe

Rebound of the Residential Construction Market and Stringent Environmental Regulations will Accelerate Growth

This research service analyzes the European and North American market for wood coatings and resins. The product segments covered are wood coatings by regions, technologies (solvent-borne, waterborne and UV-cured), applications (siding; decking; flooring; doors and windows; furniture and kitchen cabinetry) and resin chemistries (acrylic, polyurethan...

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23 Nov 2015  |  North America

Aluminum in Passenger Vehicles—Trends, Implications, and Opportunities

Most OEMs Expected to Produce a Model with at Least 500 Pounds of Aluminum by 2025

This study presents the current trends in aluminum usage in cars and light trucks. It analyzes automotive manufacturer and supplier strategies and provides an overview of aluminum usage patterns in vehicle systems. It offers insights on aluminum usage by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand, vehicle segment, and key vehicle models, and ident...

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03 Nov 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Strategic Analysis of the Plastics Market in the ASEAN Automotive Industry

Under-the-Hood and Exterior Applications Will Open Up Metal Substitution Opportunities

The automotive plastics market in ASEAN has experienced strong growth in the past few years. Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the automotive manufacturing hubs of this particular region and are responsible for the overall growth of the automotive plastics market. This study covers the commonly used automotive plastics such as polypropylene, po...

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This issue profiles recent advances in carbon fibers.

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30 Sep 2015  |  North America

360 Degree Analysis of the Silicones Market for the Automotive Industry

Growing Adoption in Under-the-Hood Applications Drives Volumes

This analysis identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, and regulatory and technology trends affecting the global market for silicones in the automotive industry. The product segments covered include adhesives and sealants, and elastomers. Unit shipment and revenue forecasts are provided at a regional level for each segment for the period ...

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