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09 Sep 2016  |  Latin America

Brazilian Total Telecommunications Services Market and the Impact of Mega Trends

Moderate Growth Fueled by Pay TV, Fixed and Mobile Broadband, and VAS

This research service provides an analysis of Brazil’s total telecommunications services market. The technologies explored are fixed telephony, mobile, fixed broadband, data communications, and pay TV for the residential, small and medium business (SMB), and corporate segments. Detailed market share analysis of each service in each segment is pro...

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26 Aug 2016  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Contact Center Outsourcing Services Market in Latin America

Challenging Economic Scenario Drives Offshore Services and Restrains Domestic Businesses

The contact center outsourcing services market in Latin America (LATAM) experienced high growth in the offshore segment, whereas the domestic business was negatively affected by the regional economic crisis. While the United States consolidated as the main market for offshoring, the demand from Spain and for LATAM shore activities grew in 2015. Man...

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26 Oct 2016  |  Latin America

Colombian Total Telecommunications Services Market, Forecast to 2021

Market Consolidation Augments Converged Fixed-Mobile Offers and both IPTV and M2M Services Promise Double-Digit Growth

Colombia’s total revenue from the telecommunications services market reached $9.1 billion in 2015 and is expected to top 11.5 billion by 2021 driven by TV and video services, mobile connectivity demand, bundled offerings, network upgrades and expansion as well as recovery of purchasing power. Market activity in 2016 shows continued growth in Colo...

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02 Nov 2016  |  Latin America

Latin American Contact Center Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

Thinking Outside the "Contact Center" Box and into Innovation, Business Transformation and Industry Verticals

This research services provides market sizing and forecasts for premises-based contact center systems in Latin America. The product segments covered include: inbound contact routing, interactive voice response (IVR) and voice portal, outbound dialer, quality monitoring, workforce management, and contact center analytics. The study provides market f...

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16 Mar 2016  |  Latin America

Latin American Hosted and Cloud Contact Center Market, Forecast to 2020

Flexibility and Scalability Concerns to Catalyze Uptake of Cloud Model

This market analysis research provides market sizing, forecasts and trends for hosted and cloud contact center services. This includes public cloud services as well as dedicated hosted solutions. The base year for the study is 2015. The market segments covered are: hosted IVR, hosted ICR, hosted outbound contact, and hosted agent performance optimi...

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08 Mar 2016  |  Latin America

Latin American Datacenter Services Market, Forecast to 2020

New Business Models Turn to Value Added Services to Combat Commoditization

Research Overview This Frost & Sullivan research service analyses the drivers, restraints, forecasts and trends in the datacenter services market in Latin America. It also studies the market share and provides a competitive analysis of the market. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's experts examine the datacenter services market in the following ...

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22 Mar 2016  |  Latin America

Latin American Cloud IP Telephony and UC&C Services Market, Forecast to 2021

High Growth and Intensifying Competition Shape Competitive Dynamics

The cloud IP telephony and unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) services market is currently experiencing a rapid growth trajectory in Latin America, as organizations are increasingly gaining consciousness about the benefits of these solutions. Several service providers have penetrated this space in the past 18 months, significantly incr...

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29 Jan 2016  |  Latin America

Vehicle Fleet and Leasing Market in Brazil, Forecast to 2020

Demand from Cost-conscious Corporates with Huge Fleets to Help Market Sustain Growth Amid Political and Economic Turmoil

This research service analyzes the vehicle fleet leasing market in Brazil and provides an understanding of the types of fleet leasing—operational and financial lease—for the automobile segment of passenger cars and light trucks. It discusses in detail the market environment, factors influencing the market movement, leasing penetration, mega tre...

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11 May 2016  |  Latin America

Brazilian Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Market, 2015

Wireless Carriers Ride out Maturity in Point of Sale (PoS) and Fleet Management Segments with New Applications and Value Added Services

This Frost & Sullivan research service on the Brazilian cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) market provides detailed market forecasts, drivers and restraints, as well as competitive analyses of participants from 2015 to 2021. It covers the top verticals in the Brazilian M2M market including finance, such as card payment point-of-sale (PoS) terminals;...

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04 May 2016  |  Latin America

Colombia Telecommunications Services Market Analysis, Forecast to 2020

Intensifying Competition and Higher Investments Boost Growth as Broadband and Pay-TV Emerge as New Revenue Spinners

This Frost & Sullivan research service on the Colombian total telecommunication services market provides detailed market forecasts, drivers and restraints as well as competitive analyses of participants from 2014 to 2020. It covers the 5 top services in the Colombian telecommunications market: Fixed telephony, mobile telephony, pay TV, broadband an...

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