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31 Dec 2018  |  Global

Envisioning the Next Generation Cybersecurity Practices

Next Generation Security Critical to Protect the Future of Businesses Across Industry Sectors

Cybersecurity has been in constant focus of enterprises in the recent past, especially in light of the breaches and hacks that have occurred recently. Hackers and criminals are getting more and more sophisticated and are devising more complex attacks which can cause significant damage to the affected parties. Companies are adopting more advanced so...

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30 Dec 2018  |  Global

Turning Big Data to Smart Data: Emerging Opportunities

Businesses Tapping the Intelligence Out of Big Data

Smart Data is generated by filtering out noise from Big Data generated from various sources such as media, business transactions, Internet of Things (IoT), process ,and data exhausts from online activity. Smart Data reduces the risk of data loss by adding value and increases efficiency and revenue. Unstructured data/Big Data can be turned into Smar...

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30 Dec 2018  |  Global

Redefining the Future of Mobility with Blockchain

Blockchain Transforming the Automotive Sector

The rising demand for faster and more secure transactions along with full transparency has made Blockchain one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world. Banks and technology providers are investing heavily in R&D activity related to verifying and recording finance transactions. Also, major US technology companies such as IBM, Microsof...

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24 Dec 2018  |  North America

Top 5 Takeaways from Frost & Sullivan's Growth Innovation and Leadership 2018 Event

Surviving the Next Decade of Digital Transformation

Frost & Sullivan produces executive summits called Growth, Innovation and Leadership around the world. Participants and sponsors find tremendous value in attending these events due to the knowledge of speakers, the amount of interactions, the hands-on activities, and of course, the quality of generated leads. The last session of the event allows ev...

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21 Dec 2018  |  Global

Quantum Computing—Game-changing Vertical Market Implications, 2018

Potential Applications for the Use of Quantum Computers Across Various Verticals

Since the development of one of the first theoretical frameworks for a quantum computer in the early 1980s, scientists have been working on achieving ‘Quantum Supremacy’. This state will be achieved by the design and construction of a quantum computer capable of solving problems that cannot be realistically solved by the most powerful classic s...

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This edition of ITCC TOE provides a snapshot of the emerging ICT led innovations in artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and data analytics. This issue focuses on the application of information and communication technologies in alleviating the challenges faced across industry sectors in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistic...

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A fierce competitive battle is raging at the Wide Area Network (WAN) edge, and this battle is far from over. The battleground is Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), and the combatants are many. By applying application and network-aware algorithms to routing WAN traffic across multiple transport links, enterprises can more economically satisfy their grow...

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21 Dec 2018  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Cloud Services Market Outlook, Forecast to 2023

Businesses Consider Cloud Infrastructure a Core Component of their Business and are Exploring Different Cloud Solutions and Services, Fueling Market Growth

Cloud services have evolved to become the backbone of IT infrastructure, cutting across all segments of the industry, from large to small enterprises. Companies today are adopting different types of cloud offerings, including infrastructure hosting, SaaS offerings, productivity suites, and database hosting. They implement cloud technologies to sim...

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