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19 Nov 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Car Sharing Market in China, Forecast to 2025

The Market is Shifting from Traditional to Modern Travel, with the Penetration Enabled by Mobile Internet and Electric Powertrain Solutions

The car sharing market in China has approximately 30 active operators. These companies are operated by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), transportation companies and start-ups. The top 5 operators—EVCard (by SAIC Motor Co., Ltd.), Weigongjiao (by Geely), GoFun (by Beijing Shouqi Group Co., Ltd.), MoreFun (by BAIC Mobility Co., L...

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15 Nov 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Passenger Vehicles Market, Forecast to FY2024

Driven by Growing Domestic Consumption and Supported by Favorable Government Policies, the Market is Expected to Cross 4.7 Million Units in FY2024

Domestic sales in the Indian passenger vehicles (PV) market grew from 3.2 million units in FY2018 to 3.3 million units in FY2019. The study estimates the market size of the Indian PV market, as well as segment forecasts up to FY2024, with due consideration for the various factors driving and restraining its growth. The segmental shifts in the PV ma...

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12 Nov 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Indian Commercial Vehicles Market Landscape, Forecast to 2030

Commercial Vehicles in India are Expected to Exceed 1.25 Million Unit Sales by 2030, Undergoing Progressive Transformations Aided by Technology, Economic Impetus, and Regulatory Governance

The Indian commercial vehicle market is experiencing changes due to heavy regulatory winds, changes in customer preferences, segment shifts, increasing adoption of technology, and digitalization. Aspirational trajectory of economic potential, growing population, consumer commodity spending, infrastructure developments, overall manufacturing, and ag...

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12 Nov 2019  |  Global

Frost Radar in the Global Online Food Delivery Market

A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)–Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

Online food delivery is rapidly developing and start-ups in this space are experiencing tremendous growth. Online food delivery service is growing all over the world because of the convenience, variety, and cost available at the touch of a button. Major cities have been the epicenter of this market, especially as smartphones become ubiquitous. In...

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08 Nov 2019  |  North America

Strategic Profiling of PSA in the Automotive Aftermarket, 2019

Investments in Aftersales Networks are Aimed at the Ambitious Plan of Reducing Warranty Costs by 50% and Servicing Multi-brand Vehicles

In 2013-14, PSA ended its joint venture with General Motors. Thereafter, the aim was to improve operating margins and revenue by 2015-16, and PSA was 'Back in the Race'. It achieved margins above and beyond the targets it had set for itself and chalked out a strategy for the next 6 years called 'Push to Pass'. Push to Pass’ goal was to ride the...

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04 Nov 2019  |  Global

Electric Drive Train Systems Technology Evolution and Global Market Potential in Commercial Vehicles, Forecast to 2030

Battery, Motor, and Power Electronics Market will Gain Growth Momentum, and the Revenue is Estimated to be $44.72 Billion by 2030

Electrification in Commercial Vehicles (CV) will increase globally with the framing of strict emission regulations. The growing electric CV market will open up opportunities for new technologies and components that drive the vehicle. This study provides an overview of the key technology trends in electric drive train component market and also provi...

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04 Nov 2019  |  Global

Global Off-Highway Vehicle Electrification Trends, Forecast to 2030

Market Share of Electrically Driven Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) will Reach Up to 30% by 2030

This study’s aim to benchmark the total market penetration of the potential off-highway electric powertrain market and study the existing machines running on electric and hybrid technology in global markets. OEM and engine Manufacturers are increasingly embracing the future Mega Trend of Zero Emissions by expanding their portfolio of powertrain o...

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This Mobility TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles advancements in automotive lightweighting, ADAS, autonomous and electric vehicles, and traffic management. Innovations include advancements in metals and alloys, artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, plastic 3D printing, electric bikes, traffic management platform, sealing ...

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25 Oct 2019  |  North America

Analysis of Urban Air Mobility and the Evolving Air Taxi Landscape, 2019

Air Taxi Services are Expected to Commence in 2022 in Dubai and Expand Gradually at a 45.9% CAGR and Reach at Least 430,000 Units in Operation Globally by 2040

This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the fast-evolving urban air mobility (UAM) market. It begins by looking at how UAM vehicles have evolved over the years and providing a snapshot of the current landscape. An exhaustive list of market participants from across the globe is captured and a robust methodology is adopted to narrow down on t...

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22 Oct 2019  |  Global

Global Supply Chain Logistics Trends and Challenges and Their Implications on CVs, 2018–2025

Disruptive Technologies in the Logistics Industry are Not Only Transforming the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Ecosystem But Also Creating Increased Demand with the Evolution of Innovative Business Models

The logistics industry is inundated with challenges which have given rise to disruptive technologies to overcome them. Key challenges faced by the supply chain logistics industry are: (1) Increasing carbon footprint from transportation (2) High level of transport vehicular emissions (3) Lack of visibility in the supply value chain (4) Increasing hu...

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