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31 Dec 2019  |  Europe

European Mobile Threat Defense Market, Forecast to 2023

The Smartphone and Tablet Cybersecurity Solution Market

The study provides an overview of the Mobile Threat Defense market in Europe and forecasts its development until 2023. It highlights major market drivers and restraints that are likely to affect the demand for mobile security solutions. In addition to identifying major industry trends that will have a lasting impact on MTD product development and m...

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31 Dec 2019  |  Global

Global Media and Entertainment Video Transcoders Market, Forecast to 2025

Industry Solution Refresh for Global World Events and the Adoption of Hybrid Transcoding Solutions will Drive Revenue Growth for this Mature Market

This study is an update to the global media and entertainment (M&E) video transcoders research with a base year of 2018. Video transcoders are used to convert content from a single input to a broad array of output formats, definitions, resolutions, and file or live formats. This enables video to be delivered to diverse networked and handheld device...

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27 Dec 2019  |  Latin America

Latin American ICT Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2025

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Emerge as Key Technologies in Driving Digital Transformation

When looking at new technologies that generate interesting opportunities in the Latin American region, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerge as key. Blockchain is still a new technology with conflicting opinions about its real future. Some believe it has little chance of evolving beyond the financial sector (mainly crypto currencies) w...

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26 Dec 2019  |  Global

Digitalization in Smart Grid Networks - Emerging Application and Impact Assessment

Assessment on how digital technologies are shaking up electricity grid and the power industry

The global energy landscape in the United States is evolving every year with wide-scale adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), developments in digital communication infrastructure, and transactive-based micro-grid initiatives that places utilities at the center. For utility customers to stay relevant, incorporating emerging technology sol...

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26 Dec 2019  |  Global

Technologies Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

Bringing Brands Closer to Customers Using Technological Innovations

In the highly competitive modern markets, brands are seeking to develop deeper and more meaningful relations with their target audiences by designing marketing campaigns that resonate with them. Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most efficient and continent ways for brands to connect with larger audiences and gathering data on their behav...

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26 Dec 2019  |  Global

Neural Networks: Key Business Applications and Benefits

An Overview of Neural Networks Technology, Key Applications, Trends, and Benefits

Neural networks is an advanced computational technology that is designed and built to work much like neurons in the human brain. This technology uses various optimization algorithms that recognizes hidden patterns of raw data to correlate, classify, and give desired output through continuously learning and improving approach. Neural networks improv...

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26 Dec 2019  |  Global

Advancements in AI on Edge - Emerging Applications and Innovations

An Insight Into How AI On Edge Is Likely To Open Up New Opportunities For Businesses In The Near Future

Traditional cloud computing models sends data from the device to the cloud for data analysis and the decision is sent back to the device for implementation. The agility of cloud computing is great but not enough to overcome certain challenges such as latency, bandwidth, processing the data for real-time decision making, costs associated with data t...

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23 Dec 2019  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Network Security Market Q2 2019 Tracker

Service Provider and Government Sector Remained As the Key Revenue Contributors to Drive the Network Security Market

The Asia-Pacific network security market witnessed a YoY growth of 14.7% in Q2 2019. This was much stronger than the 11.9% YoY in the previous second quarter. In Q2 2019, the healthcare sector was the fastest-growing vertical; it recorded a YoY growth of 26.7%. However, market size of the healthcare sector remained the smallest revenue contributor ...

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23 Dec 2019  |  North America

Frost Radar in the Edge Analytics Software Market

A Measurement System to Spark Companies 2 Action (C2A)—Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

This Frost Radar focuses on the global edge analytics software market. Edge analytics solutions utilize devices such as routers, sensors, integrated access devices (IADs), and multiplexers to sift through and rank large amounts of data collected on these devices. Since edge analytics software allows for analysis to occur at the device itself, it re...

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This edition of IT, Computing and Communications (ITCC) TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides a snapshot of the emerging ICT led innovations in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and building information modeling. This issue focuses on the application of information and communication technologies in alleviating the challenges fac...

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